Apriluary [101/365]

It’s three degrees below freezing and an ice cold wind is howling on this 10th of April. We were supposed to get snow overnight and all day today, but that prediction seems to have blown out the window.

The day before yesterday, I had to go down to the grocery store, in spite of the rain storm we were experiencing. Noticed that the Parks Department had opened the gate to Fort Howe (it’s closed during the wintertime) — our look-out point here. “Just because I could”, I drove up there and tried to take an iPhone photo of the city. The wind was so strong I could hardly stand still, let alone hold the phone. For one reason or another, the tides were unusually high — it wasn’t even full moon?! — so that meant storm surge, washed out roads and subsequent closures.

I posted my picture to Instagram anyway, and said “it must be spring because they’ve opened the gate to Fort Howe!”

Yesterday, there were some remnants of the storm. Crashing waves, nothing really spectacular, but you could see, from the debris up on the parking lot, how high up the water had been.

DSC_9009-minIn the park, we met a group of deer. Five, I think they were. Deer are funny, in that way they’re so curious! They stop and stare at you! If I were a deer, I’d run away as soon as I saw a human being! What do they know … it was a camera I was holding, but it could just as well have been a firearm. I’ve chosen this photo for this post … I liked it as I got both her face and cute rear end in the same picture.

So … this is my 100th post in my little “challenge”. So far, so good! It still hasn’t begun to feel like a burden — still fun! 🙂


28 Replies to “Apriluary [101/365]”

  1. The hundredth post! Amazing job 🙂 And imagine you wanted to give up in January 😉 The stormy ocean is stunning. I’m fascinated with water, especially with oceans. What’s funny is that currently we have very much the same weather as you do in Canada. Rain, wind, cold. Snow forecast. Probably not happening at my level above the sea, but the 20°C temperatures and sunny days of the last week are gone. And I thought that now it would be officially spring.

    1. The same to you, Mara — amazing job! 🙂 Yeah, I wanted to drop it, but that was because of some comments I got then. It’s all ‘adjusted’ now.

      Yeah, it’s hard to believe we’re on the same latitude as Bordeaux, France!

        1. I thought of that, when I typed in the 100. Only two hundred and sixty-five to go! As things stand right now … I will make it 🙂 Stubborn too!

  2. Spring is stubbornly staying away in these part too 😦
    According to the weatherman last night, we’ve had more snow so far in April than we did in any month this winter.

    Great picture of the deer! They just can’t resist looking over their shoulder 🙂

    1. Yeah! All snow is gone, but the ground is so frozen so when it rains certain areas get flooded.

      Thanks about the deer 🙂 They’re beautiful animals!

      1. I know what you mean about the flooded areas. We were driving out in the country yesterday and many of the farmer’s fields look like little lakes.

  3. Lol Bekah, I’d say that your “Fort Howe”deer are just like the ones around here (outside of hunting season, that is) but, comes a certain time and they miraculously vanish into the dead brown leaves and grass that they mimic so well…
    Congrats on hitting that 100th!

    1. Yes, sometimes they can really melt into the background! In the park they’re safe during the hunting season, so all deer should move in to Rockwood Park then 🙂

      Thanks! This little blogging routine, in the morning, still feels good. I think I’ve found a good balance … both when it comes to writing and reading.

    1. Yes, and this wind makes it even colder. Something change overnight. According to the forecast, we were supposed to be getting snow. When I went to bed at midnight, the wind picked up, big time, which was totally uncalled for. No sign of snow this morning — it would actually be a very nice day, if it wasn’t so damned cold and windy!

      1. Aye, and the moon was just a sliver going down in the west by 10ish last night too…
        But very clear and cold and windy here – just plain nasty – and definitely NOT Spring!

  4. We had a day of mostly rain yesterday which must have been very disappointing for all the artisans…hundreds…here to celebrate Cuenca’s birthday. Today has been mostly sunny.

  5. It looks blooming freezing there Rebby! It has been lightly snowing on & off all day here (Sunday).
    I am so done with this weather….because the Sinusitis keeps flaring up! Enough is enough…… sighs deeply
    And this has been our coldest April ON RECORD!
    Your deer photo is amazing! Just the right perspective & you got the total girl in the photo…you always bring delight with your photos!

    1. Once the warmth comes, I think it will get green very quickly! Sorry about the sinusitis … that’s so hurtful! I’ve only had it once.

  6. I hope you are right about it greening up quickly! Everything is so dusty & dull here. BLAH!
    And this is either the 6th or 7th time since December that I’ve had Sinusitis….mine is now Chronic! Charming! UGH 😦

      1. UGH….about the rain! It is now Friday the 15th & the Sun is shining! But it is still so cold.
        And no there is no medication for VIRAL Sinusitis. Like the Flu, ‘ you can only treat the symptoms & wait things out!

        1. Oh dear [about the viral]! Awful.

          We’ve had two days of sunny weather by now, and I can already see a hint of green on the brown lawns! Yay

  7. Love photos of the ocean! And the deer is so CUTE! Yes you wonder why they stop and stare!? They SHOULD run! But I am glad they are posing for you so you can share the photos with us 🙂

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