smaller [96/365]

Lately, I’ve seen many pictures, and read a lot about Apple’s new iPhone SE [special edition]. It’s smaller!

Obviously there must be a yearning for smaller phones out there, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone through with this addition to their line-up.

I do appreciate lots of people are used to using only one hand, but I was never part of that. Can’t imagine to type with just the thumb.

Haven’t held the new iPhone SE, or seen in real life, but every now and then I look at this picture I took when I got my iPhone 6+

Already after a week, I could hardly imagine how I’d lived with the little one for that long. I remember how large the 6+ felt when I held it the first time! I was almost ‘worried’ … “How’s this going to work?” … After a couple of days [or less], that was forgotten and now, almost two years later, I could never go back to the little one. Funny, how quickly we adjust!

I read a lot about Apple stuff online. Many of the tech bloggers, keep going on, nowadays, about how “there’s nothing really new” coming out from Apple. Be that as it is — it makes me think of sports and records; “How fast/high/far can they go? … When will it end?” 🙂

6 thoughts on “smaller [96/365]

      1. A 6. I have a 6. I was a bit doubtful about it at first because I felt it was a bit too wide for my hand. I bought the leather cover and then took it back and bought the black silicon cover because it has more resistance to the phone flipping over in my hand. I have got used to it now. The width no longer bothers me – but the reality is that it just a bit too wide for real comfort and fit in my hand.
        On the other hand, the extra screen space is much better.
        My last phone was a 4 and I decided to jump to a 6 rather than a 5 because I wanted to be up with the curve in terms of what the chip could do and what apps could work to their optimum with the model.

  1. Hello fellow iPhone addict. mY NEW SITE IS UP NOW BUT there’s basically nothing on it as yet. lOTS OF WORK TO do on it. Sorry for the caps.. Me.

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