Okkupert [94/365]

«Okkupert» … that’s the Norwegian word for ‘occupied’, and it’s a TV-series we started watching last night.

Fascinating, rather fast paced, fictional … taking place ‘in the near future’, as they said. It’s being streamed on Netflix, and has 10 episodes. We watched the first three, last night.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 09.33.48It has English subtitles, of course, as it is in Norwegian. After the first episode, I was surprised to notice that I’d stopped reading subtitles after a few minutes in. When Gerry, my husband, has asked me how close Norwegian is to Swedish, my guess was always about 85% understanding. After last night, I’d give a higher number. This in spite of the subject matter often being complicated … energy politics and such. I couldn’t speak or write Norwegian, of course, but my understanding of the spoken language is definitely higher than 85%. To me, as a Swedish person, spoken Norwegian sounds … “cute” … as if all Norwegian people are happy and kind. Perhaps they are 🙂!

The plot is that the Green Party has come to power in Norway, and halted the oil production. Russia, together with E.U. wants to force them to put it back on … After a surprising twist in the first episode, involving a helicopter, it all gets very tense and you get sucked right in.

Jo Nesbø, is the name of the author who came up with the idea for this story. I’ve read one book by him before, and was meaning to read all of his production, but something else [another author] got in the way 🙂

Fornebu IMG 4616 statoilI found out they’d used Statoil’s headquarters as the fictional office of the prime minister. Very futuristic architecture. I was wondering about that a little, while I was watching. Sadly, I’ve never been to Norway, even though it’s Sweden’s closest neighbour. I regret that, but it’s not too late to correct.

From what I understand, from my googling, this series [Ockupationen] hasn’t started to air in Sweden yet.

21 thoughts on “Okkupert [94/365]

  1. David Bennett

    It’s been on here in the UK for a while. I think it came here because of the success of the Danish thriller series The Killing, and the political series Borgen.

    And there is a tendency to lump all the Scandinavian countries and neighbours together. 🙂

    I’ve watched parts of about three episodes of Occupied. I just googled to see when the series came here and I found a news article that also mentioned that the BBC are producing SS-GB which is about the world in Great Britain if Germany had won in WW II

    World decisions sometimes turn on the smallest event, so the idea of a Russian ‘velvet glove’ invasion, while unlikely, doesn’t seem impossible.

    And that uncomfortable feeling is why I have not watched Occupied more.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Yes, I know about that tendency … yet, of course, for those of us who are from there, nothing could be farther.

      The uncomfortable feeling I have, while watching it, won’t go away, and was well illustrated in one scene from a shopping centre in the first episodes.

  2. wordsfromanneli

    I suppose eventually it will come to western Canada. I’d watch it if it comes out here – at least long enough to know if I wanted to watch any more of it.

  3. nuvofelt

    As has been mentioned above – there are several Scandinavian series on tv here at the moment. I haven’t had the chance to see much. I think DH has them recorded for future viewing.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      We’ve seen a few. Not the Danish [original] version of The Killing, though, that David mentioned — only the American, which actually was very good.

  4. Cardinal Guzman

    I haven’t heard of this TV-serie. I’m not sure if it’s on the Norwegian Netflix, but I’ll check it out. Norwegian people are not happy and kind, speaking in general terms they are conformists – Stanley Milgram even proved it scientifically.
    One night I was sent to work in the restaurant for the executives at the Statoil building.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Wowzer … I thought you might have seen it! They said it’s the most expensive production in Norway ever! TV2 I think it was.

      That Statoil building … I noticed it was in Fornebu. Isn’t that where the airport is too … ?!

      1. Cardinal Guzman

        The old airport was there, but they moved it to Gardermoen (they just had to kill a guy that tried to stop them from moving it first. The official story is that he committed suicide – by throwing himself backwards out of a closed hotel room window on the fourth floor).

        1. Rebekah M Post author

          Ahh, so Gardermoen is the main airport now!
          That was an ‘interesting’ way of committing suicide! Very creative LOL.

          Is the airline Braatens still around?

  5. daydreamer2011

    The Norwegian language does sound cute and I agree they do sound so happy all the time! They ARE kind! I went on a trip to Norway for a couple of days way back. Were going to a concert ( A-ha ) lol
    It is easy to understand them! Have no problems with that. It is totally different for me with Danish lol. When I went there late 80’s I had to ask them to speak english to me as I couldn’t understand them LOL THEY understood me when I were talking Swedish!

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      I know … I understand written Danish, almost all of it — very few words I have to look up, but spoken … that’s a whole different story. Kind of sad, since they understand me, like you said.

      I remember A-ha! 🙂

      1. daydreamer2011

        Yes I did feel ashame when I said it was hard for me to not understand them as they understood me so well….

  6. Mara Eastern

    I think I’d like that series, but of course there’s no way I could get at it. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find that you speak/understand more languages than you thought! I didn’t realise that Scandinavian languages were this similar. Slavic languages are further apart, I think, except for Czech and Slovak. The thing is that we are expected to understand each other because we used to be Czechoslovakia, but come on, it’s been over twenty years since we split, how am I supposed to remember anything…?

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Imagine it has been twenty years already!

      Yes, Norwegian is the closest to Swedish. Some words are totally different, others are the same but mean different things 😊.

      That’s a shame you can’t get it there — I think you’d have found it interesting.

  7. suzink

    What interesting architecture! I hope you get to go. The show sounds interesting and I didn’t realize the language is different.

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Norwegian and Swedish? They are two, different languages, yes … Then we have Danish, which is different too. Finnish, belongs to an entirely different group of languages, so there I wouldn’t understand a word.


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