22 Replies to “WP Weekly ~ Landscape [93/365]”

      1. looks like it was a gorgeous day. Not too many brutal hot days up your way. Although, lately, I know in NS anyways, the summers are becoming a bit unbearable….well the days it is not grey and cool anyway.

    1. It is … not like the St. Lawrence, of course, but still … Right here, where we live in Saint John, it merges with Kennebecasis River, just before they reach the sea.

  1. Beautiful!!
    Love the hint of Oak branch at top left; )
    Is that all sandy beach? WOW!
    Re David’s comment – I’m looking for it in Maps, Bekah… Is there a town or village nearby for a reference point?

    1. Thanks ! Yeah, I left it there, since the name of the spot is Oak Point. Nearest village would be Morrisdale, but I have to look it up. It might be too small … I’ll be back

    1. Thanks … it’s a beautiful place! Yeah, but when looking out right now, we don’t have any either … but on Wednesday there are flakes in the forecast 😉

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