rainy day [91/365]

webcam today

No gull is ‘photo bombing’ the webcam today. I don’t know how the camera view is changed, if it’s automatic or what. Sometimes it remains in the same view for days — other Β times it changes several times a day. The Saint John-sign is lit up, and the baby blue church in the centre is St. Luke’s Anglican. To the right, just outside the picture is our building. It’s funny how different things look in photos. When you’re up there, standing behind the Saint John sign, you’re quite a ways up — it’s the look-out-point! In this photo, it just looks like a small elevation. I once took a picture from out in Millidgeville, where the hospital, the university and the Xerox building seemed to be adjacent to one another, and they certainly aren’t!

It couldn’t be much more grey than this. Some warm and humid airmass has moved in. Our ‘feline barometer’ doesn’t like low pressure systems, so he’s tucked in here, underneath my desk. This will take away the last specks of snow, and then Spring will commence, I’m sure. That’s good — I’m craving green!

17 Replies to “rainy day [91/365]”

  1. Maybe the camera view is changed by a gull sitting on top of it? πŸ™‚

    Perspective with cameras is a dark art. I’ve given up on trying to understand how different focal lengths and even different cameras render perspective differently.

    Basically, I have given up on ‘long shots’.

    McDuff is sensible. Yes, roll on green and sun and lazy days. πŸ™‚

    1. It’s relieving to hear I’m not alone about not understanding this. I tried to think about it for some time, but quickly realised it was wasted energy πŸ™‚

  2. Oh darn I forgot to comment on the gull looking in “at us”. Too funny! Although it’s more likely he was just trying to park his butt to wait and watch for something to eat; )

    1. Oh, and it is POURING here; has been since very early this morning; and likely to bring along the regrowth of Queen Anne’s Lace I noticed yesterday… (Can’t wait to see the difference a Spring shower’s made, one day later: )

    2. More than likely! It happens quite often, that there’s a gull in the webcam. They nest up there too, so sometimes you get to see the newly hatched baby gulls.

  3. It does look a bit dull today. Kind of like our days all winter, but it has just warmed up and greened up, so take heart, it will come to the east coast as well.

  4. We could rival you for ‘grey’ Rebby! It has been raining for hours here. Mind you it is almost 50 degrees out. Dharth Henry was doing zoomie zoomies this morning which is his way of’ indicating’ rain, lol.
    I think McDuff takes a calmer approach, hahahaha!!!!

    1. The day’s almost over now, and we didn’t get much rain — tomorrow is the big day, apparently 40 mm or so. Oh yes! McDuff takes a much calmer approach — he gets very low, both literally and figuratively speaking πŸ™‚

      1. Did you get all the rain forecast? We got a lot & have flooding down by the rivers & in Harrison Park.
        An today (Saturday) it is snowing out! πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t know about the camera, but I feel you. We’ve had a summer-like weather for the last few days and it feels very refreshing. Also, it’s green πŸ™‚

    1. Tomorrow is here now … it’s the 1st of April and we’re totally enveloped in fog. Rain will begin later, and after this … I think the greeing will start.

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