mixed up [90/365]

First, I woke up when it was way too early to get up. When that happens, and I manage to go back to sleep, I always find that I’ve been in a much ‘deeper’ sleep, filled with vivid dreams.

This time, I found myself in some sand dunes — like in the desert — trying to crawl up to a busy highway. A bunch of cars stopped, they were all black Cadillac Escalades … like FBI or something. It wasn’t FBI, it was the premier of Quebec and his wife wanted me to show her the city. Big LOL!

Then I woke up, and felt totally mixed up in my head, did everything in the ‘wrong’ order, didn’t plug in my iPhone for charging … that’s normally the first thing I do. Blogging wasn’t even on the radar.

Now … a few hours later, when the coffee has fully kicked in, I’m beginning to feeling up to par again. This cartoon was in today’s paper, and I find this to be true.


17 Replies to “mixed up [90/365]”

  1. That was a nice dream, overall. I always dream of wild beasts attacking me, or, worse, my cat and such unpleasant dreams when it comes to it. It’s funny, I’ve been sleeping bad recently too and waking up too early. Must be the adverse effect of solar eruptions or what.

    1. Yes, it was nice … I just had a hard time getting up, out of all that sand and look presentable at the same time.

      It could very well be the solar eruptions … 😀

      1. I can see your concerns – dreams are so funny in this way, one has the most curious problems in them – but on the whole, to have a guided tour with the premier as the guide? I’m in 🙂

        1. It was the other way around … it was the premier’s wife who wanted me to guide her. ROFL I don’t even know who is the premier there nowadays 🙂

  2. Wow, is this familiar, or what! Scrabbling to rise (and getting nowhere fast; ) only to realise that you’re hopelessly not ready for what you waiting at the top of that hill… Nice metaphor!

    1. Yeah, all that sand … I did feel weird until about lunch time rolled around.

      And yes, I think it is. There are certain limits to what we can do.

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