put the kettle on [89/365]

We’re finished watching Last Tango in Halifax now, and I can’t recall when I ever watched anything so enjoyable on TV! I loved every minute of it. Now we’ll just have to wait for Netflix, to find it in the goodness of their hearts, to add the two, following seasons. Can’t believe we missed this, when it was aired on PBS on regular TV, but you just can’t keep track of everything.

IMG_2244-minAs usual, when watching British TV-series or movies, one thing that strikes us is the tea … “the art of drinking tea”. I’d love to adopt the habit of drinking it as the British, but I think I’m too old to be converted from coffee, even though I love a good cup of tea.

In this show, and all the others too, for that matter … it didn’t matter what the situation was … could even be a death in the family, where people were totally distraught … the solution to that would be: “Do you want tea? … Shall I put the kettle on?” 🙂 I find that so cute! “A good cup of tea will make you feel better”.

I do like a good cup of tea myself, and I always have it at home … regular ‘breakfast tea’, nothing else. The reason why I haven’t been able to make the switch is [perhaps psychological] I don’t think I get the same kick out of it in the morning, as with my black coffee.

When I was there, back in 1983, I took a liking to a certain brand: PGs [I remember that after all these years!], and have been able to find that here in Saint John! In the City Market there are many, little stores, that carry different and forgein brands you don’t see in the ordinary grocery stores.

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  1. There is something profoundly “civilized” about the habit of drinking tea. It seems to have its own rituals wrapped around it and then there are teapots. I just love interesting little teapots.

    Unfortunately I just don’t like tea. My parents were both tea drinkers, but I just never warmed up to it … and not from lack of trying. Oh well.

    1. So true! And I love teapots too! I like the taste of tea much better than that of the coffee. I started coffee when I was fifteen, but I basically drink it because of the effect. I get awful headaches when I try to cut back.

    1. Yeah! And perhaps it has a calming effect, and takes your immediate thoughts in a different direction, while either putting the kettle on, or drinking it.

  2. I know, right! Whenever something happens on British TV, people put the kettle on. It looks so elegant and smart, I really wish I could do that. But I’d just have to pour the tea out after making it, I guess. I can’t make myself drink it.

  3. Hey yes, PG Tips, I remember that brand!
    Just found a box of Lipton Yellow the other day… And BOY is it good! I seem to go in fits and starts with tea drinking… (Almost like a craving to be satisfied?)

    1. PG Tips … that’s it! I’m about the same — it comes and goes. The days we don’t go out anywhere, I always have that afternoon cup, and I love that, but tea could never replace the morning coffee. I think …

  4. I have four cups at breakfast, usually Earl Grey or Assam. Liptons is awful! Or at least made the way it is in the USA with a glass or mug of far-from-boling water to add it to myself – so insipid! I see you don’t have milk in your tea Rebekah – oh dear oh dear! 😉 Rules: boiling water on tea bag or if leaves in a pot warm the pot first. I always think it tastes better milk in first and then add tea. Articles in scientific journals (yes they do bother with this kind of stuff here in Blighty) suggest there’s a good reason but I can’t remember what it is. Too much tea probably fuddled my brain 😉 PG Tips and Tetley are bog standard fare, here, Yorkshire Tea a bit more interesting, Twinings much more flavourful. Tea snob, moi? Did I mention that my favourite is Malawi tea ….? OK, yes, shut up and go way, I will!

    1. Oh, I boil water … I remember those rules from when I was there. I’d take milk only if I was in a hurry. Normally, I’d take lemon. Real lemon. I’ll get some Twinings to see if I can taste any difference.

      Judging from the selection of tea, in the grocery stores here, people must be more of tea drinkers than coffee, in this part of Canada. My neighbour, next door, is a little old lady (88) from Derby, UK. She came over 1954. Think I’ll invite her for a good cup of tea and some cucumber sandwiches 🙂

  5. I always have a huge mug of decaf Tetley at night…no cup & saucer for me! LOL.
    Like you coffee is my morning drink. Tea is my night time calming drink. I used to drink fancy teas but lost the taste for them. Also I was told to start drinking decaf years ago so I got way from Earl Grey & Lapsang Souchong teas….
    And there is a cultural element to having tea & it being a ‘cure all’ for what ails a person!!!! 😉

    1. Someone told Gerry to switch to decaf, long time ago, and he must have really taken that to heart, because he doesn’t drink anything else at all. I got fed up with Earl Grey … nowadays it’s only English Breakfast Tea I like.

      There’s most definitely a cultural element to it! I like it … 🙂

  6. It is good to drink Decaf tea as it has no caffeine to stimulate the system. Good in the evening obviously.
    I too stopped drinking Earl Grey (Reflux issue) & switched to Lady Grey but it seems BLAH in comparison. So now if I have a caffeinated tea I order either English or Irish Breakfast tea. Must be a cultural element for sure…..

  7. Love that cup!!
    I love the smell of coffee! But I haven’t been drinking it since I was very young! These days I love my tea! And it is Lipton’s fruit tea I drink! My faves are lemon and bluefruit. yum!

    1. I really like tea, but these days … as I’ve said here … only regular tea; without any other taste like fruit. English Breakfast Tea … I’m going to try decaf tea, so I can have a cup at night …

  8. I never went for tea except for iced but Harney and Sons has a berry and a peach that are delightful! You should look for a peach there.

      1. With the flavored teas they are flavored with real fruit usually. I don’t use sugar or sweetner in my tea. Iced or hot. I have used a touch of honey or coconut milk in hot just to change it up but nothing in my iced tea. They have tea for ice tea too.

        1. Right … I meant the ordinary iced tea you buy in the grocery stores. I never take anything at all in tea, except lemon if I happen to have one at home.

  9. My preferred drink is tea…anybody who knows me knows that. LOL, I was raised in a British household and there was always a pot of tea going. I still enjoy the odd Tim Hortons coffee now and then but I am sipping tea as I write this. For a number of years, I did switch to coffee but I was married to a truck driver then and that is what we had around all the time. I love that cup and saucer up there – red is my favorite color. =) Great post and you made some very valid points around the usage of tea to soothe the soul.

    1. Hey, and thanks 🙂 They are poppies on the cup … my reason for buying it. Tonight, I’m trying a new-to-me brand of tea, named Bigelow’s. I prefer regular, black tea … no fruit taste for me.

      Last time I tried Tim Hortons coffee, it was actually good! But I got in in a real mug, instead of paper cup … perhaps that made all the difference, and it was the dark stuff. Otherwise, I’m not a big fan.

      Late at night, nowadays, I have a big cup of Twining’s decaf. Wonderful! 🙂

        1. I think one can get used to it. I’ve had real coffee a few times, and gone to bed directly after drinking it. That worked … probably because it hadn’t taken effect, fully.

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