being eagle [84/365]

bald eagle
Eagle – Kingston 2015

Getting out of the car, yesterday, outside the grocery store, I heard weird sounds from up above. Never heard gulls sound that way before. As I looked up, I saw two black backed gulls — the largest kind of gull there is — chasing after a bald eagle!

They were close enough for me to see it was an adult eagle, his head was clearly white. He had a hard time with those gulls. Sometime soon, I’ll make a point of taking a picture of a black-backed gull together with an ordinary one, for size reference. They’re huge, and we have lots of them here.

A little later, here at home, I saw another one — or perhaps the same — and this time there four, five  crows chasing after him (or her). They all went by our kitchen window.

How annoying it must be, when you’re just out to soar for a while, on a beautiful day in the early Spring … I’d be so MAD if I were an eagle. But we are lucky to get to see this spectacle from the comfort of our own home.

25 Replies to “being eagle [84/365]”

    1. Yeah, especially the crows! If the eagle is down on the ground, trying to eat something, the crows will be there, picking at the eagle’s tail feathers … they seem to love to irk the eagle.

              1. Peanuts? I think I could do that. My mother somehow believes that I like peanuts, though I don’t eat them, so I have quite a stock. I don’t have the heart to disappoint the mother. Maybe I could please the birds too.

                1. I’ve taken to giving out a few peanuts to a bunch of crows, in a place down by the river where we often go. Now, they even recognize the car! They come flying in as soon as we pull in there.

                    1. They were crazy LOL. These are nice crows, waiting politely, for me to bring out the peanuts. By the way, crows are black here — not grey and black, as back home.

    1. Thank you, Sherri-Ellen! That one’s from last year. Yes, imagine how annoying to have those clowns trying to nibble at your tail feathers when you’re just having a good meal!

  1. It always amazes me how seagulls & crows & even sparrows go after the raptors….especially an Eagle. If that Eagle ever retaliated the other birds would be ‘lunch’! 😉

      1. Yes, it’s all about the law of nature. We must not try and put human emotions on animals. I was just trying to be cute … thinking about the annoying feeling of having those guys chasing after me all the time, when I was just going out for a flight.

        1. Oh no, I’m sure you’re right about the annoyance factor for the eagle; after all, what intelligent creature would like being picked on by a bunch of bullies? ; ) But, the reason the strategy works is, if you’re one of the three or four doing the harassment, you’ve got the others to be distracting while you steal the larger animal’s food – or whatever the objective – and have only a one in four chance of being attacked yourself… Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not for defending offspring {acceptable} or stealing food [bad enough] but just because they can (and definitely worse):
          Lol, but now who’s anthropomorphising, hey? Because, let’s face it, in the animal kingdom; it’s all about survival of the species… (And that’s what makes us human?)

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