after the storm [82/365]


This is how nice Saint John’s north end looks, after yesterday’s snowstorm, this morning. It’s the wrong time of year to be looking like this, though. I don’t think we got as much as the projected 20 centimetres but … maybe 10. And that’s the weather update for today.

Yesterday was the day when Apple held their event … telling the world about the new, smaller iPhone, called iPhone SE [special edition]. At the same time the updated operative systems [iOS and OSX] was released, so I updated my devices in the evening. As usual, I felt very tense … not to say “a little frightened” during that process, but everything went well. This only goes to show how dependent we’ve (at least I) become of these devices. When I think of that, and put it in a different perspective; how the people in Brussels feel right now … all my little worries seem so futile. The first thing that “greeted” me when I turned this on, now, this morning, was the red headline from BBC, telling me about the Brussels explosions. As I’m typing, the death toll is 15 and probably climbing. My heart goes out to Brussels today …



30 thoughts on “after the storm [82/365]

  1. We should be happy not to be in Brussels now for so many reasons: your town is so beautiful, it’s simply, gorgeous under the snow, so why would anyone wish to be elsewhere? 😉

  2. I don’t do news so had no idea about this, so sad. End Times we live in, indeed.

    I saw that little iPhone somewhere online yesterday. Does this mean the day of the big phone trend is already over? i better check for OS updates. I do anyway… On a different note, here is a link to one of your fellow countrymen’s photo site, maybe you already visit it. Stay warm up there, cripes!!

    1. The death toll is way up since I wrote that. There are no words …

      No, it’s the same size as 5S, I’ve learnt now. I guess they want to cater to all the ones that preferred the smaller format. At first, I thought it was small as the 4, but not so.

      Thanks for the link! Will go and have a look now

        1. When I think of it, they’re backed up to Flickr and Google photos too. I have those apps that do it automatically, I never think about it.

            1. Ahh okay … ! Well, no I don’t back it up as such, before. I’m sure many people do that. I’m trying to think, now that you mention it, if I should, but I can’t really come up with any reason.

              1. “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst”; ). It’s the same as you would do before getting a new phone; a backup copy before wiping back to factory settings: )

                  1. No problem. It’s to retain your phone’s “silhouette”(?). Everything about it: all of your preferences, settings, apps, bookmarks… Keeps you from having to reset everything… But a copy that’s in your safekeeping (not just “in the cloud” ): Sort of like having an external hard drive for your laptop.

                    1. I’m sitting here, looking at it and its apps. DayOne is an app I use all the time, but that is constantly being backed up to the cloud, so it doesn’t matter if I go on the iPhone, the Mac or the iPad to use it. So that one is taken care of. Safari bookmarks too. I think I’ll relax 🙂

                      This iPhone is my second, so I’ve only changed once. It’s been a year and a half, so I don’t really remember what it was like … I was too excited about having a new one … But from what I do remember, I just signed in to iCloud, went and downloaded my apps and everything was back to normal.

                    2. That’s great … the only thing was, I was started to getting worried here — thought there was something I’d totally missed out on! 🙂

  3. One of the Swedish that died in Brussels is a woman from Norrtälje… I do not know yet if it is someone I know. She was around 60 years old.

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