faces [81/365]

While this winter storm is raging outside, I’m enjoying my morning coffee and the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere today. There’s a total whiteout right now, and the snow is accumulating on the balcony railing.

On Netflix, we watched an excellent series … a BBC production … called Happy Valley. The title is misleading, because no one was happy in that valley 🙂. We watched the first season quite some time ago, and were very pleased to see the announcement “new season added”. We did a bit of ‘binge watching’, so we’re already finished with the second, and it was just as good. It’s something with these British TV-series that always appeal to me — I can’t really pinpoint it, but the characters seem more ‘real’ … I can relate to them.

Anyway, throughout this second season of Happy Valley, there was a detective appearing [he wasn’t in the first], and as soon as I saw him, I recognised his face. I knew I’d seen him, and it wasn’t long ago either. My husband is extremely good with recognising faces, but he didn’t know.

I forced myself to not look him up … I wanted to come up with it on my own accord, but I had to cave. When I found out who he was, or rather, where I’d seen him, I just wanted to smack my forehead; it certainly hadn’t been long since I saw him … about one week! It was Mr. Mosely in Downton Abbey … Kevin Doyle!

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  1. Has the BBC production of War & Peace hit your shores? If/when it does, look out for James Norton from Happy Valley.

    Or maybe with Netflix it is all on demand whenever you want?

    1. Have you seen Happy Valley? Or Broadchurch?

      I certainly will be on the look-out for that! No, it’s not on demand … we have to wait and hope they will choose to add that.

        1. Stockholm kan verkligen vara grått! Men fyra, fem månader om året, bryter den ut i grön skönhet som gör den till världens vackraste huvudstad [tycker jag]. Kram!

                  1. Tänk att man rest över hela världen men när det kommer till hemmaplan har man knappt varit norr om Uppsala….hemskt. Man borde ta en semester till att bila genom Sverige. Eller kanske flyga till Sundsvall och sedan bila- landet är ju ganska långt!

                    1. Samma här! Jag var hemma på besök 2011, och det var första gången i mitt liv jag såg Skåne! Jag ville dit för jag ville se Ales Stenar.

  2. The BBC has fantastic programming, love it! We get BBC America here but I suspect it’s somehow just not the same. My favorite is Top Gear. These guys are funny and they have some great guests including many Americans. I saw that storm approaching you yesterday on our TWC channel, looks like a powerful late season storm. High winds here today, gusts to 50mph, but nice and warm to start. Cooling down every time one of these comes through…

  3. It’s always so obvious once you make the connection! If I watch a BBC show I have to watch it on my own. My Hubby’s French ears have never adjusted to British accents and between that, and his poor hearing, he misses about 70% of the dialogue.

    1. Oh dear … I understand, that wouldn’t be good. In these types of shows, it’s important to be able to follow the dialogue.

      We’ve also been watching an American show called The Wire, and there it feels like I am missing 70% too … if not more. I don’t have that problem otherwise … only that particular show.

  4. Haha, Mr Moseley, how would you not remember him? He was hilarious. British TV usually appeals to me a lot, unless it’s something that is trying to be funny, like The Office, which I so don’t get 😦

    1. Yes! I know … it was the same feeling, as when you’re trying to remember a word or a name: You almost “have it on your tongue”, so to speak.

      Same here, British productions appeals much more to me than the others. Except The Office?! What was it with that, since we both didn’t like it?! It was a very popular show, but not with me.

      1. A fellow hater of The Office! Perfect. It was so popular that its fame reached even these parts and I was so disappointed that I hated the show. I thought and still think that something is wrong with me.

        1. That happens, and I too wonder what’s wrong with me. Here, there’s a series called the Big Bang Theory … perhaps you have it there too, they have it in Sweden. I don’t like it, but everybody else seem to love it?!

          1. Haha 😀 I’ll never get The Office, but I have to admit that I do like The Big Bang Theory. I’m attracted by the asocial academics and their struggles because it’s, maybe surprisingly, quite real.

            1. I shouldn’t judge it because I’ve only seen snippets of it. Had I followed it, it could have been a whole different story. I don’t know the characters … nothing 🙂

              1. I think it only appeals to me because I’m a fellow academic, otherwise I probably wouldn’t find it too funny either. What does your husband say about the show 😉 ?

                1. He seems to have watched at least a full episode, which I haven’t. The only impression I got was that he was baffled that it’s so popular.

                  1. Haha, well, different tastes. At least we agree on The Office. I suspect no one really likes The Office anyway but everyone fakes they do because it’s so fashionable.

                    1. LOL I know … it’s the same thing, the other way around! Something you’re “not supposed to” like, because it isn’t trendy … nobody admits that they’ve seen, or listened to it, but still they know what it’s all about. We used to have that endless series Dallas. At work, nobody admitted they watched it, but still they knew all the characters in it 🙂 Typical snobbism.

                    2. Haha, I openly admit I watched Dallas (the old series, that is) as well as Dynasty. I loved it. On my defence, I was like twelve when it aired here.

                    3. I was much older … I was working, at least. Never made any secret of it — I watched them both. But there were always those elitist snobs, that put their noses up. Those people never fail to bring out the rebel in me 🙂

  5. I’ll have to check this one out as I’ve been on the search for a new British series since the ending of Downton Abbey. I see those characters popping up here and there and it inevitably throws me for a moment – trying to place them and also trying to figure out why they’re there instead of the Abbey. Ha!

          1. So true! I started watching a couple nights ago and would probably be done with it by now but for other obligations. I tend to forget that not all shows have long seasons so perhaps it’s for the best I haven’t been able to binge. It seems like shorter seasons are becoming a trend more and more these days.

            1. Yes, that’s the impression I have too. I’m worried that my favourite Blue Bloods on Friday night will end soon.

              We have some really interesting one going on now, called Billions, but there they add one episode a week. It’s with Damien Lewis [from Homeland] … it’s fascinating, since I don’t know anything about legal stuff and high finance.

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