annoying pages [78/365]

«If it’s free, it’s for me!» … that used to be my motto. Now I’m not so sure anymore. I fully appreciate all these ‘free’ services live mainly off commercial ads, but surely there must be ways of making them less annoying?! I can live with little text ads, as in, for example, Gmail. I couldn’t live with the flashing, animated ads in Yahoo Mail, so I don’t use that service anymore.

There’s one service I «can’t live without», though, and there the ads are of the worst kind: the pop-up boxes [plural!] that cover the whole page, and you don’t know what is what until you’ve managed to shut them down. This is my Swedish-English dictionary site It’s excellent so I won’t stop using it, instead I’ve installed one of those ad-block extensions to my browser. I did check out another site for Swedish/English but it wasn’t as good, and it had exactly the same type of advertising.

So, is this what we have to do … install ad blocking apps?! Haven’t they missed their goal then?! Advertising is a complicated science, but I doubt I’m the only one who stop using services, due to ads, and someone invented the ad blocker! Aren’t ads supposed to draw people in, instead of pissing them off?!  I have no answers … I only know my dictionary site is nice and clean now when I go there. When several boxes pop up on my screen, I get almost scared … thinking “What is this … have I got some trojan in my computer, or what?!”

This post was just about online ads … don’t even get me started about the TV ones.

23 thoughts on “annoying pages [78/365]

  1. Those so-and-so half or full page ads have one effect on me – click off the site. it’s called Bounce Rate. Boing! My Ad Block doesn’t stop those big ads, apparently I need to try the things Cardinal mentioned. Money has ruined the internet.

  2. The ads that really make me mad are the ones on facebook that say “We will miss …(some actor’s name)”
    Sandra Bullock is gone, or Meryl Streep is gone, or Jane Fonda, or any number of other actors. Who would do that and why?

  3. I’ve used Ad Block for ages and I’m happy with it. It provides excellent service. I found out, in my IT course, that I could no longer navigate the internet without an ad blocker. It wasn’t installed in class, of course, and I had huge troubles doing anything. Overwhelmed with ads. It’s too much.

  4. Well, I guess ad blocking is the only way to have them get the point then, as they get paid by the click – and I assume that even closing the box counts as a click(?)
    I usually just reload the page and they’re no longer visible…

      1. Flashing! Jumping! Distracting!
        THOROUGHLY annoying…
        Not what I’d call intelligent promotion.
        So, just who is it that they’re supposed to be selling to, exactly?

  5. Hahaha! Too funny. We got a tv that equalized the sound of the ads then they figured out some way to stop that. They are so loud it really makes me mad. The ad blocker on Google takes care of almost all the bad ones online.

    1. Yeah, I wish there were something like that on the TV. I cold never buy a product, where the ad makes me angry. Mountain Dew has one right now, that is so stupid I almost have to laugh. That was probably the meaning of it. Not that I’d buy that stuff anyway …

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