after more than two years [76/365]

It’s been about two and a half year since I made the switch from Windows to Mac. That was surprisingly easy … I’d expected a much steeper learning curve.

Still though, there are little things presenting themselves as little obstacles. The other day, I wanted to type the sign for a half (½). All the special signs are listed … I thought … in the Character Viewer, but I couldn’t find a half. Not a third or a quarter either, for that matter. I went through them all, gazing carefully, but no, they weren’t there.

This seemed incredulous — why wouldn’t I be able to do that on this brand new MacBook?! Went to the support forums, where I usually find my answers quickly and easily. Not so much this time, though! Many people had asked my question already, and one even got the answer: «Why would you want to do that?» That’s one of the silliest responses I’ve ever seen in an Apple forum.

At one point, I did see something that looked plausible … something about ‘adding digits’ in the character viewer, but I was still stuck because I’d failed to notice a little cogwheel there. Last night I found it, and it was all revealed 😊.

Now I can make all kinds of strange symbols … not only ½. I’ve made a short-cut so that when I type 1/2 it automatically turns into the half sign. Here is the Roman sign for ten thousand ↂ … I had no idea it even existed 🙂

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    1. I went ‘cold turkey’, and expected to spend weeks of learning. That wasn’t necessary … I was up and running after a couple of hours! There’s no going back!

        1. I wonder why?!

          It was the iPhone that sucked me in to the Apple ecosystem. I’d never seen, let alone touched, a Mac before! It was Love from the get-go!

          1. When he retired DH said he would never touch another computer. He will grudgingly use Excel, but hates updates…. Lack of time at the moment, but I will succumb 😆

            1. Ahh … I understand. Some people just aren’t wired for it. They sent me on an Excel course while I was still working, and I wouldn’t touch it again LOL

    1. No, I’m talking about the other one, «show symbols and emoticons». There you get to view all characters. It wasn’t there … I had to add something.

        1. Click on the flag, select “Show Emoji and Symbols”. But then I found the cogwheel up in the left corner there, and added ‘Digits – all’ 🙂

        1. Yeah, we all have those expressions we dislike, or are fed up with. I was going to replace ‘dog’ with terrier … they always seem to be very tenacious. My expression that I love to have is «thinking outside the box». I’m just so fed up with it, I think it’s hackneyed.

          1. Yeah, as if our thoughts come in boxes or are ordered in boxes. The good thing about these expressions is that they pass and then some other cliche takes its place until we get fed up with that one.

        1. Yeah, well … I really don’t have a problem with expressions either. I don’t really hate them — hate is a strong word. I just think the ‘out of the box’ is a bit overused. A dog with a bone/rag is kind of cute … you get the image 🙂

  1. I’m just glad that you’ve (all: ) shared this with us. I still run into unexpected complications every now and again, because, in order to get all the “proper” spellings that I prefer, I need to use the British English keyboard…
    Thanks for this post, Bekah and all of the useful bits from Commenters as well: )

    1. It’s nice to get these things sorted out … guess I hadn’t had the need to type ½ in these last years LOL

      I use the British English keyboard and the Swedish one.

  2. Haha, that’s the best response ever: why would you want to do that? I use this one a lot at my IT classes when the instructor asks how something is done.

  3. I recently switched my personal computer over to a Mac. It’s been easier than anticipated but there is still quite a learning curve! I’m definitely thankful for those forums.

    1. Those forums are great … I never had to ask a question there … it was already there. In the beginning, I had to go there often. Not so much now. I also had help from an online blogging buddy.

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