summertime [73/365]

summertime_driveAgain, whether we like it or not, the time changed overnight. So now we’re on ADT — Atlantic Daylight Time, instead of AST — Atlantic Standard Time. The computers and the iPhone, I don’t have to bother with … even my clock radio takes care of itself, magically.

Summertime Drive is located here in Saint John. A fairly large apartment complex sits there, so I guess many people have Summertime Drive as their postal address. I’m not envious of it, though … it’s too far from all the stuff I want handy to where I live, like grocery store, drugstore, post office and so on. We’ve found the ideal place with everything within walking distance.

A few times in my life, I’ve lived in places where I’d been totally dependent on having a car, and I never liked that feeling.


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  1. We have two more weeks. This year our clocks change on Easter Sunday. I don’t remember that happening before – but I’m sure it has.

    1. I don’t remember either … rather early Easter this year.

      These two weeks, before Europe changes, always tend to make me a little confused. Worse even, if I tried to keep track of the time in Australia!!!

  2. My wife Tamara feels the same as you do about not living anywhere you are dependent on a car for access to town. And it’s kinder to the environment to use public transport.

    We are still in pre-change time here in the UK. So until the 27th March it will be a four-hour difference only. 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s partly about the carbon footprint, but also about some other kind of hang-up I have. It just makes me a little ‘nervous’, having to rely totally on a car. I like public transportation, and walking too for that matter.

    Right now, there’s only three hours’ difference to the U.K. Four to Sweden … until the 27th, that is. Like I said to Myfanwy, here above; trying to think about the time change in Australia really screws with my head 🙂 since they go to «wintertime» …

    Does Tamara have a blog?

    1. I didnt realise you are a whole hour east of the East Coast of the US. I am sorry I am so ‘USA-centered’ 😦

      Tamara and I were just commenting yesterday how strange it seems that Australia has its time change in October, even though it makes sense because they are in the Southern hemisphere – still feels strange,

      No, Tamara doesn’t have a blog. She wrote many of articles on the Quillcards Blog, but not since then.

  4. We have another 2 weeks (already mentioned ), I dont like the change, my body protests, its too early in the morning-but ok, long evenings with light.

  5. Your post scared me a little and I went to examine if there was a time change that I missed – it wouldn’t be surprising – but we still have time left before the time change… I used to live in a village where I was dependent on the car, and I hated it so much. Now in the town it’s much better and much more convenient.

    1. Heh! Still two weeks to go, for you guys. I think I’ve missed it once … long time ago.

      Yeah, I don’t think I’m wired for living out in the countryside … We couldn’t have ended up in a better place.

  6. Living away from all amenities becomes an issue when people lose their driver’s licence. I’m not looking forward to that loss of independence or being forced to move. Maybe you’re doing the smart thing, being close to what you need before it becomes a problem.

    1. Yes, it’s a double-edged sword … a car gives you independence, but I feel that I’m dependent on it to work constantly, otherwise I’m stuck, when I live somewhere out in the rural areas. If I, for one reason or another, were to lose my licence here, I would get along just fine.

  7. What a pretty name for a street tho’…
    Like you I do not have a car or drive so I live in the near centre of town…….
    As for the time change we have DST here now & it is a royal pain! Sun streaming in bedroom window @ 6 A.M. It gets worse as Summer approaches. Still waiting for the new curtain rod to be put up so I can hang the black out drape… if the previous IDIOT Property Manager had not had the trees cut down it would not matter at all…I am still NOT over the episode of a healthy 30 ft pine being cut down!

    1. We don’t get sun until in the afternoon, thankfully, but in the summertime it gets pretty hot in here … we live on the top floor of the building and that doesn’t help.

      That sounds like a dumb idea, to cut down the trees?! Was there something wrong with it?

      1. WE get early morning Sun & in Summer it can be very hot by 10 A.M. I can imagine your place gets warm… you have ceiling fans or floor fans? (I know you do not have A/C). I don’t either but being on ground floor I can keep the place fairly cool with fans going & windows closed.
        There was NOTHING wrong with the Pine tree. remember when that stupid woman Manager decided to get our patios ripped up? Well when our patio’s were taken apart the workmen hacked many ground roots of the Spruce & Cedar trees down the line. When we had that HUGE wind storm in November of 2013 one of the Spruce blew over….so hen it was decreed ALL the trees were a hazard’ & chopped down……it was heartbreaking. Now the place looks barren & there is still NO grass growing in front of Chris’, Reeni’s; my place or Nancy’s. The gardens have been trampled & I have no idea what will regrow. the Siding guy (last Summer) have destroyed my garden under the bedroom window. And I also have little ants coming in! This place is like a ghetto now…..very sad & unnecessary AND the woman who ordered all this has retired & left the entire mess in the new young man’s hands…..
        Bless him; he is rather clueless so his decisions are not so great!
        I just keep reminding myself this is better than homelessness……..sighs

        1. Oh wow, that was a real mess! How sad!

          We have one ceiling fan and two of those ‘towers’. The last two summers haven’t been all that bad, actually … nothing like our first here, when I thought I was just about to die. With that summer in fresh memory, I don’t think it will get as bad again. We do have one a/c, but it’s so damned complicated to put it in, and secondly it’s not powerful enough for this big, open space … the living room, the dining area, the kitchen, the hallway … it’s all open. We could set it up in the second bedroom and cool it down, if things got really bad.

  8. Some weeks to go here…but I usually look forward to it. The cows don’t, I believe. Or so the farmers say anyway.

  9. A lot of people have a fan tower here & they really like them. I was given a =n ordinary floor fan & it works well.
    I remember you have all open space so using the A/C would be rather useless. Mind you having the 2nd bedroom as a cooling room might be a good idea…I remember your 1st year there & I was worried you would suffer from heat exhaustion…..
    And Rebby this place had gone downhill since I moved here 9 years ago. It was so homey & there was a lot more camaraderie. In the past 9 years there have been 50 people who have moved due to bettering themselves or getting so ill they went to Nursing Homes or due to Death. There are a handful of 70+ left & I only speak to a couple of them; the rest are gossips. There are little cliques also. We do pull together when there is trouble here tho’…so maybe there is hope….lol…
    I even had a nice chat with a lady upstairs who never liked me but only because the gossips told her a bunch of crap bout me. Now when she speaks to me she realizes I am actually quite intelligent!!! HAH!
    This community living is NOT for me I can tell you. However I do not have enough $$ to live in market value anymore….I wished I’d planned better…….

    1. It will be eight years for us here, in November. We moved in just as President Obama got elected. I never socialize in any way with the people here … not more than a few pleasantries in the elevator. I’m introvert LOL

      Do you remember the series ‘Broadchurch’? We just got the 2nd season on Netflix, so we started watching that tonight … it’s really good!

  10. 8 years already? And I have been here just over 9 years…..time sure flies……
    I think you being introverted is a good thing. I am actually an Introvert also. I have learned how to mix & mingle & when I was first here I quite enjoyed being here. And I knew a lot of people. Most of them either went to Nursing homes or have died. I was friends with people 20 yrs my senior. The Seniors left are not that nice with the exception of 1 lady & 1 couple who I talk with. The rest are snippy *itches & I have nothing to do with them. I DO have 5 friends in the building who I DO trust & we hang out & go shopping together & are supportive of each other. I do play Bingo on Thursday nights now as long as either Reeni or Ruth are there….I no longer go to Euchre or the holiday tea’s. Just don’t fancy them anymore…..

  11. There is nothing within walking distance of me and I have always disliked that. That and the fact that it takes me about ten minutes by car to get to the nearest grocery store. There is one state and possibly others that have opted out of changing times. I wish we would. Amazing how the body gets in the routine of time.

    1. When I know I’ll buy heavy stuff, like milk, juice and all that … I take the car anyway, even though it’s close.

      They [whoever ‘they’ are] shouldn’t have started messing with the time — it seems pointless to me.

      1. Yeah! Whose idea was that? They say it was so the school kids didn’t have to stand at the buss stops in the dark but I don’t know.

  12. Mumble mumble…. yes so now we too got summertime…. And I so do not like it! Read on text tv last night that so many people complain about it! Hopefully sometime they decide to just let the time be “Normal” all the time!

    I get confused as well in the begining!

    Great photo 🙂

    1. Thank you! Well … I don’t care, but I know it’s a problem for so many people so I hope they change back. It worked just well before it started.

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