the gas station [72/365]

Just read a post in the Vegas Valley Photo blog, which made me think of gas stations. If you have no particular reason to look at them in detail, they all look pretty much the same.

Around here, we have the Irving Oil brand, which was established here, in Saint John, 1924 by K.C. Irving. Now it’s a huge corporation and they own many important parts of Saint John. They have 900 gas stations in Canada and the US — mainly the New England states and upstate NY … they are white and blue, with a little red. Like this: irving

or this:


However, when we lived in Quebec, we lived in a small municipality outside of Quebec City; Lac-Beauport. When Irving was about to set up a new station there, they just weren’t allowed to make it their usual, glossy, white-and-blue-style … they had to adapt to the surroundings … the architecture of Lac-Beauport.

As I was looking at the Vegas style gas station this morning, it struck me that I never took a picture of the one in Lac-Beauport. Nowadays, however, we always have friendly Google Streetview at our fingertips:

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 08.23.01
Irving gas station, Lac-Beauport, QC

Considerably ‘toned down’ … mostly brown. The convenience store there is Couche-Tard — ‘night owl’, I’m told it means.

15 Replies to “the gas station [72/365]”

  1. I love petrol stations even when I don’t have a car 🙂 I like the way they present an oasis of petrol, (overpriced) drink and food and cigarettes in the middle of the nowhere that are motorways. The toned-down station in your picture doesn’t look like a station at all…

      1. Petrol is never cheap here, no matter what the price of oil currently is. The car that I used to have was converted to use alternative fuel and it saved a great deal of money at the end of the day.

        1. Same thing in Sweden … I keep asking them, now that it’s so low, how much a litre is there, but there’s no big difference. It’s a little more expensive here, compared to the US too … but not much. A hybrid car would be nice …

  2. I usually don’t go for the modern glitzy trends, but as gas stations go, I like the authentic colourful one while the toned down one looks like a house converted to a gas station and so it doesn’t quite achieve the look the town was after anyway.

  3. Wow, rather bland color scheme! Toned down and then a bit more. The glitz would have looked better. Thank you for the link Rebekah! ❤️

  4. We have big wild gas stations but there are so many tall trucks that need the tall canopy here. I do like the look of when they have to compromise to the area.

    1. Yeah, the truck stops have much taller canopy.

      Everything they built in that municipality had the same style … brown wooden buildings.

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