charging [70/365]

DSC_8776We often go out to the same beach, just to sit and gaze for a while. Listening to the sounds of the crashing waves … or when they’re just lapping the shore … the saline air … the wind — it all comes together like charging our mental batteries.

The tides never fail to make me philosophical. It’s a good thing, being reminded of how small and unimportant I am, in case I’d been thinking otherwise … getting a perspective on things.

We’re not alone about choosing this spot. Quite often there’s a row of cars lined up. It looks like they’re all plugged in for charging … like cellphones 🙂

The name of this beach is Saints’ Rest. There’s a cemetery right above it, that must have the most gorgeous view a cemetery could ever have.

26 thoughts on “charging [70/365]

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      I agree … in the summertime, I go there to get air when it’s hot. I enjoy stormy days too, when it’s a little wild and the seagulls are crying …

            1. Rebekah M Post author

              Not odd. Well, I’m odd too; I met a guy from Aberdeen in my youth … briefly, like one evening … and I still remember his name.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Great pic. The distant headlands, winter flattened grasses, massive driftwood and waterworn rock… And wonderful concept – of recharging…
    Say, did you see the beaver-chewn end of the log you peeked under for this photo and is that a fisherman’s net I see tossed up on the rock straight ahead?

  2. joannesisco

    I agree with you about the calming and restorative effects of being near water, whether it’s a huge body of water or just a small burbling creek. Nature blows away the cobwebs in my head 🙂

  3. Nylabluesmum

    Saints & Mortals Rest……lol…
    What a marvelous place Rebby! used to go down to the Georgian Bay Inlet here & it always calmed me down & I could think things thru’. I am only a few blocks away & have not done this in so long. I think it is timeto start doing this again…I certainly could use a good ‘recharge’!!!

    1. Rebekah M Post author

      Oh, I hope you’ll do that. It’s something about the whole thing that makes it so soothing, and you get everything into perspective 🙂

  4. Nylabluesmum

    I used to have a friend I went there with & we would talk for a few hours. When Michael went off with a woman I just stopped going…silly….
    And I have lost touch with so much of Nature between it being ‘ripped away’ here & not going to Native Centre or going out into Nature…I can use my walker to stabilize myself. There really is no excuse….
    And perspective is always needed, lol…..


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