recycling [69/365]

No, this is not about recycling paper, plastic and glass … it’s about user-ID:s.

WordPress has made it abundantly clear they will never recycle a username. Even if the first person cancels his or her account, it won’t become available again. There are no limits for how long an account can be inactive.

Google/GMail seems to have the same rule.

Twitter not so. If someone cancels, it becomes available, but there are no rules for inactivity. Someone signed up for Tassitus in Twitter back in 2011 and never used it since.

Instagram, I’m not sure about the inactivity rule, but they do become available if you cancel.

All this can be good or bad. Yahoo Mail made a huge mistake a while back! They decided to cancel all email accounts that had been inactive for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, they released them, so that people could sign up which led to a lot of confusion and consternation. That’s like releasing a phone number that’s been in use before. Bell, which is our phone- and Internet provider, has a rule about 90 days when it comes to phone numbers. Not until now … three and a half years since I signed up for the cellphone … have the wrong-number-calls finally ceased!!!

In the beginning, it was so annoying, so I asked them if I could have a different number. I could, but they’d charge me 80 bucks, and even more if I wanted them to make the change for me.

An online buddy, and fellow country-woman of mine, had signed up for WordPress back in 2007 and never did anything with it. She has her main blog in Blogger. Now she wanted to start a new blog, on a totally different subject, and I’ve made a lot of «sales arguments» for WordPress. She’s a very orderly person; she had her credentials written down, so she could log right in to WordPress, without any problems! 😊 So there’s the good thing about never recycling user-ID:s.

The downside would be that in the long run it will be very difficult, for new users, to get a decent username/blog address.  In Twitter, I didn’t get Tassitus, for the above reasons. When I signed up, a year and a half ago, I added an S [tassituss], which has irked me every since. It wasn’t the same at all. So, last night I decided to change it entirely: @atlanticthyme is my new Twitter-ID. I live on the Atlantic time zone, and I like thyme, so … why not?! 😊 I’m not big on Twitter anyways, so it’s really not all that important. @atlanticthyme would probably be available in all online services, I suspect.


26 Replies to “recycling [69/365]”

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way please, but twitter is plain old stupid. it’s like Facebook. Stupid. The reasons run deep so I won’t go into it. Gmail indeed will never allow reuse of emails. I tried! I have two gmail addresses, one is Michigan orientated and is not used. The whole no recycle thing is for everyone’s own security and is a good thing really.

    1. Heh! No worries … I don’t take it anyway at all. I’m still struggling to find out the point of it, but I keep my Twitter account I signed up for when it was new. Perhaps if I had some kind of purpose with my online presence … a message of some sort, that I wanted to convey to the online community. But I don’t, so I use Twitter only for reading news.

      Basically, I think it’s a good thing too, not to recycle.

              1. It seems like the clocks just changed (to dark): I wish they’d just leave them at one or the other and be done with it… HATE this time-change thing; it totally messes me up!

  2. We NEED the +/- temps overnight for the Maple sap to flow… If it stays above 0*, buds will break and that’ll be the end of sugaring off for this year (and then we’ll also have to hope that the cold doesn’t come back and freeze all the new growth):
    This weather is just SO messed up!

  3. As you know I have been ‘whitevalleyprincess’ since 2000. I have a back up account on AOL with a totally different name which is connected to my FB account. AS I do not use Twitter on Instagram I have no need for another name.
    When I joined WP in 2012 I was at a loss for a name & just typed in ‘Nylabluesmum’….it stuck & when I changed after she passed away it just did NOT feel right so I switched back…..I will forever be known by that name on WP & that is just fine with me!!! I have thought of changing it to Nyla B & Mingy’s Mum….but am not sure if that would confuse people as only 5 of you knew back on 360 & Multiply….
    What’s in a name right??? I LOVE AtlanticThyme! Very clever Rebby!!!!!!! 😉

    1. Yes, I really like Tassitus, and when I couldn’t get it with the right spelling, I thought I might as well choose something totally different. I could perhaps have gotten AtlanticTime, but I thought I would spice it up a little 😉

  4. Facebook saves your account and credentials. I logged back in after three years and it was all still there even though I closed the account. I know a girl who uses the title ‘All the other blog names were taken” on her blog. lol

    1. I was just thinking of you in FB … came across one of my own posts from five years ago. Started reading the comments, and apparently there had been several from you, but there were no sign of them … only my own responses.

      That was a good choice for blog name LOL

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