whining [68/365]

Quite often I’ve stated, both in “real life” and online, that I’m so fed up with Facebook! Even tried to leave two times, but I’m still there. Used to think that I really disliked Facebook, but on second thought, it’s what people do with it that irks me the most … perhaps not so much Facebook itself [that’s for another post].

1352816409140_7034366One thing that gets my goat is when the attention seekers post stuff like this: «I can’t take it any longer … » or «Today will be a sad day for many people … ». Then all their friends come in, sort of worried, asking what’s going on, but the attention seeker never comes back to explain. There’s even a name for this phenomenon online, but I forget.

I know, I know … like I’ve said so many times before; I should just scroll by and not allow myself to be bothered with this crap, but certain days it’s hard. Especially when they sound like they’re suicidal. In one case, the other day, I thought someone had died and I’d missed it, so I kept scrolling back in her stream but there was nothing.

We all want attention — that’s only normal, but I, for one, wouldn’t like it to come from fake posts in Facebook.

Maybe the  guy in the photo is an attention seeker too: “Look at ME … my beautiful green head and my wings!” 😊

17 Replies to “whining [68/365]”

  1. I feel the same way, but it doesn’t bother me. I accept that we all crave attention and some of us have regard for other people and don’t force ourselves down other people’s throats. If someone doesn’t have that insight, then I skip past and ignore it. The things that make me sad are the bigoted attacks by people who have the skills to know better.

    1. Most days, I’m able to ignore them, and scroll by. So far, I’ve never acted upon any of them, but that’s because I don’t want to give them that pleasure.

      Guess I really shouldn’t get mad about all this, but it’s difficult to choose how to feel.

    1. As long as it’s still fun, with the hometown group and all that … I’ll stay. Really … I don’t have to go in there and read all that crap I wrote about 🙂

  2. You’re right, attention seeking of this kind is the worst. Fortunately, it can be easily spotted and one can have the sense not to ask so as not to invite more of the same 😉

    1. Yeah, I spot them immediately, and usually it’s the same ones. I’ve never responded, but yesterday, I actually found myself going back in her stream, to see who’d died. That made me mad at myself, but we have so many people in common and that made me curious.

        1. several times, unfortunately, but not this 🙂 In such a small town like that, it’s likely that you know them too … or at least know of them.

  3. One thing I hate about facebook is the way they put little advertising pictures on the side that say that some celebrity has died when they know it’s not true. That’s going just a bit too far.

    1. I’ve heard about that, but never seen it?! A friend, her young son, saw one of those where it said Miley Cyrus had died in a car crash. That’s just too weird! I have no idea where that comes from …

  4. Oh I try to ignore those that are too extreme with wanting attention!
    You know sometimes I am afraid other people might think I am one of those that want attention lol Just cause I feel sick so often. But I try to not tell in my status every time I feel sick. Cause I also think people get bored to read it. Heck I get bored myself haha!!

    1. Health is something we need to be thankful for, and not take for granted. I ignore those vague posts, but when I wrote that post I was angry, I guess. The one who posted made it look like someone died, and it wasn’t the first time. You can’t fix stupid.

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