second cup [67/365]

Me ~ twelve years ago

I’m on my second cup of coffee now and will soon be able to face the day. Second Cup is also a chain of coffee shops here in Canada. While we lived in Quebec, I saw them in all the shopping malls, and they were able to keep their name in English too. Some businesses have had to change name into French. Now we have a Second Cup in Saint John too, but I’ve only been there once. For two reasons: The location — it’s on King Street downtown, and we don’t go there often. We’re more likely to go out to the commercial district, where the mall and Costco are. Secondly; I’m a Starbucks person, and we have four Starbucks here. Compare that to 19 Tim Hortons [last time I counted them].

This coffee post leads me to think about Gordon Lightfoot! When I was a little kid, back home in Sweden, each Christmas my brother, who’s ten years older than I, gave me a record, an LP. In hindsight, I think he must have bought the ones he liked himself … the first one I can remember was Burl Ives and I was maybe eight or nine! I didn’t have all that many records, so I listened to those he gave me, all the time, figuratively speaking … I learned them by heart. After Burl Ives came Gordon Lightfoot, and here’s the reason he came to mind right now:

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  1. Haven’t heard this song in a long time, thank you! Oh Canada I love you.

    What I don’t see as right is Quebec apparently forcing a business owner to use French. That’s just wrong. We have an illegal immigration issue on our south border as I am sure you know but nobody here is forcing these people to speak English. There is a reason that English is worldwide the most used language.

    1. I really don’t know what the rules are there, because some can keep their English names … like this one, and a few others. I do remember a discussion that was going on there, while I lived there, about a chain of convenience stores … you know the ones attached to a gas station, but now I can’t remember the outcome. Got too fed up with it tall.

      1. I think it’s ridiculous.

        Years ago Quebec was fighting for separation. Good Lord, let them. Language is very important but it should not be militant.

        They seem to be the black eye on the rest of Canada from my perspective.

        1. For me, as a newcomer, it was a difficult issue that I never managed to fully penetrate, as I’m not from here. Sensitive too … won’t go there.

  2. Hm, I think the best coffee is the one I make myself 😉 I adore your photo, you have great hair. Maybe you don’t think so but it’s very elegant.

    1. I used to think so too — that my own coffee was the best. Since I got this Keurig, single-cup brewer, I’m not so sure. I buy the same brand/roast in single cups, and it tastes better with the brewer. Could be something about the heat of the water, the exact measurement of coffee … I don’t know, but it does.

      Thank you 🙂 I can tell, by the glasses I’m wearing in that photo, that it was when I’d just arrived … I changed glasses after a short time.

      1. Yes, there are many different shades of tastes to coffee! I grind my own coffee fresh and buy quality coffee, other than that, I can’t be bothered to make any fuss… I drink too much coffee to fuss with each cup.

        1. For a while, I was thinking seriously about a grinder. Now we have this machine, so it won’t happen. Could grind in the store, though …

    1. I feel the same way, when I hear Swedish music. Sometimes I hear, for example, «It must have been love» with Roxette, playing as background music in the store … not many would know they were Swedes anyway [it’s in the movie Pretty Woman].

      Next time in Second Cup, I’ll have a hot chocolate 🙂 I’ve only had coffee before.

  3. We had a Second Cup in the Mall…loved the place. The franchise owner ran off with the money & the place closed.
    We have so many Horton’s I lost count. Luckily we have a Coffee Culture but I do not go there as much as I would like too….

    1. It’s been a long time since I counted Tim Hortons, so there are probably many more 🙂 We have some local coffee shops here, called Java Moose 🙂

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