tourist in your own town [66/365]

When we moved to Saint John, back in 2008, I promised myself to never get “used to” its beauty and its … ‘quirkiness’. When we visited here, the first time, there were three things, over and above all, that made me fall in love: The ocean, the people and the red, brick buildings uptown. Since then, there have been many things added to it, but those three are still standing. I’ve made a point of never losing track of how much I love this little city … even the ‘uglier’ parts of town have their charm, in their own way … even a picture like this 🙂


saintjohn_waterfrontAfter all, fog and decrepitated buildings are important parts of Saint John. It’s not just about glossy high-rises and cruise ships, even though that’s an every-day sight in the summertime.
harbour_morninglight A certain light can make even the cranes in the harbour look beautiful! I love the morning light most of all, but in recent times I haven’t been out to take advantage of it.

alley_saintjohnI was inspired by Joss’ post this morning … about taking a tour of the place you live — once again reminded of what a gem Saint John, New Brunswick is.


[Writing up a post with this many pictures, in the new editor, was a bit of a nightmare! Now I must go into the old and fix everything.]



30 thoughts on “tourist in your own town [66/365]

  1. Don’t use the new editor, it’s the fastest way to frustration… The photos are great, and so is your city. I think I’d love it very much. I like to be a tourist in my own city sometimes, but it’s not that easy to assume a fresh look on something you’re used to seeing on a regular basis.

  2. I hope the never find a way to take away the old editor, if they do I won’t use wp anymore. The new one is horrible to work in.
    Your hometown is a beautiful place,and I agree that the “ugly” places can be quite charming in the right light or angle. Very nice photos.

  3. The alley in the small photo – It looks like an historic part of town. Do people live there? I can see a sign that looks maybe like ‘Churchill’s’ ?

    1. In that particular alley, I don’t think anyone lives … but others, there are apartments. Yes, the uptown area is historic, and well taken care of. Churchill’s is a pub …

    2. I remember now, that the uptown area is called ‘the heritage district’, and there are special street signs, so that you know when you’re in that area …

    1. You’re welcome.

      Are they listening … probably, we’re not alone feeling this way — they probably are too. I notice how some things are added to the new, every now and then. But when it comes to adding pictures, I have to go into the old.

      1. When I add photos in the new editing window I have a hard time knowing when they have finished uploading. I also find that I’m forever hunting for the Save button, or other options. Also, when I first choose to go to posts, with the idea of seeing what is scheduled or already posted or in Draft form, it takes me to the posts as if it were the Reader. I wanted a list of posts, not the actual post synopses that I would have to scroll down forever. I’ve learned that I have to click on WP Admin and then go to posts. I could go on, but you know it all from your own experience, I’m sure.

        1. Yes, I have the exact same experience. I want the list. Also; [and that is something they must fix] pictures added with the new don’t become links! They aren’t clickable so you can bring them up to size. Now, in this post, I had to go back into my post, with the old editor and fix that. I also want it set so that they open in a new tab.

          I’ve been trying, for the last, few weeks, to use the new, but I still have to go back and make those adjustments. Grrr …

  4. Nice tour, thank you! I wonder if those who are self hosting are stuck with just the new editor or the old. Or both like here? WP doesn’t care what its users say. They are going to do what they believe is best for us. How Liberalism of them eh? 😏😁

    1. In self-hosting you have the same choice. You get to the old editor, but there’s this link suggesting you try the new.

      Yes, we’ll all end up with the new, BUT I think they will add all the features and functions we’re used to … eventually. Perhaps not all of them, by the way … What surprises me is that it takes such a long time!

  5. I can’t help but think (hope above hope; ) that the powers that be @WordPress are actually listening and can’t help but notice that people are terribly unhappy with how counterintuitive the NewEditor is when posting photographs…

  6. That first picture reminds me of a lot of buildings in downtown Owen Sound. There is a weary tired beauty to the old buildings. Love the port; it is beautiful….you really live in a lovely place Rebby!

    1. Yes, I do, and luckily I’m always aware of it. There are great contrasts, though … out in the posh, affluent areas where it looks nothing like in that first picture 😀

  7. Same here. We have beautiful old mansions & lovely single family houses & then there are the old ramshackle row houses from the 1900’s. Downtown is VERY old & sometimes I think it should all be torn down & rebuilt but I know there is history to those buildings ….it would be nice if they were fixed up properly & rented out to decent people. All the young addicts & teens who have nowhere to go live & it is a bit of a nightmare downtown even in broad daylight..

    1. Here, it’s the north end that’s in shambles — Gerry remembers it as it once was, a wealthy sprawling neighbourhood. Now, it’s depressing. Same as you describe …

  8. Huh that is odd as the north end of Hamilton is the rough part of that city also!
    Here ours is the northeast side of town. Maybe those parts of a place are populated first & the longest?

  9. It always seems the West end of any place is always nicer than the East end & the South side is always nicer than the North side….totally odd isn’t it?

    1. It’s very strange. In Stockholm, though, there’s the East the most posh … the most affluent area, where you have to be a millionaire many times over to be able to get ahold of an apartment/condo …

    1. It is, but a lovely area … all those old buildings … A class mate of mine, from my youth, inherited a condo there! Wowzer 😉 it was lovely!

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