WP Weekly ~ Harmony [65/365]

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I waited for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge to come up. We’re creatures of habit — I always check and see what they’ve come up with, even if I don’t come up with anything myself. As far as I can remember, it has only happened once before, that they’ve forgotten to put up the challenge. This time, it was just delayed due to some difficulties.

The word for this week is Harmony. Normally, I would associate that word with music. However … I’ve had this picture of mine for a few years now, and each time I look at it, β€œharmony” comes to mind … or peaceful.


21 thoughts on “WP Weekly ~ Harmony [65/365]

  1. Oh, that’s a lovely picture and a great match for the challenge! Fortunately I wasn’t waiting for the challenge this time, otherwise it would completely unnerve me to find out that it was late.

  2. Although I didn’t have a photo in mind, I just scrolled through pictures until I found one that made me feel at peace and filled with harmony, just as yours does.


    1. Thank you! I was so eager to get home and see how it really came out, because it was shot from very far away — across the marsh. I really like it.

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