winning line [64/365]

Quite some time ago, I went in to one of the grocery stores here, to buy some mushrooms that my husband likes. They call them «Button Mushrooms», they’re sold in the delicatessen counter. On top of the counter, they have put three different sizes of the plastic containers, so that you easily can point to which size you want.

The woman, working there, asked me what I wanted … I said I wanted a container of «Button Mushrooms», and pointed to the large container. She said [and I must give her the benefit of a doubt, she must have had some kind of glitch!]: “Are you sure you want the large container … that’s going to be awfully expensive??!” I got kind of stunned by the question, but just shrugged and said yes.

That wasn’t exactly the world’s best sales technique, and I doubt I look all that poor …  but in any event; Later on, I kept asking myself … “WHY is it that I can never come up with something biting to say in cases like that … I mean, in the moment it happens and not two hours later”! Now, I keep going back there, buying «Button Mushrooms», hoping to get the same question, so that I can reply: «Oh, that doesn’t matter … I just got my welfare cheque today so … ». Of course, that doesn’t happen, and I’ve never seen the same woman again.

28 Replies to “winning line [64/365]”

  1. Hahaha, that was a nice woman 🙂 I’m not surprised that she wasn’t thrilled about trying to sell, she most likely doesn’t own the business and I doubt that she’s overpaid for her work, so why try. I feel you though, as I often buy quite expensive food – I just can’t cope with cheap food, it has no taste – and though I’m never dissuaded by cashiers, I sometimes feel I’m living a bit excessive lifestyle, considering that I’m actually receiving welfare cheques. It’s not that I live on them, it’s just little extra money, but still. And it’s a great answer that you must give the next time someone tries to dissuade you from purchase!

    1. She probably could have gotten fired for that line. I’ve heard about those psychological ‘games’ they used to play in car dealerships, where the sales person sort of IMPLIED that the car in question was totally out of your budget … but that’s a whole different story, because of the ‘imply’ part … this one, she said it outright.

      But, I find it often I never come up with anything to say, until much later 🙂

      1. I never come up with a smart answer either. Sometimes I come up with no answer at all. Sometimes I don’t even know how old I am when asked. It changes every year…

          1. Haha 😀 You have it more complicated then when the left hand is the one you write with! But of course, knowing at once which hand is the right and which hand is the left one is tricky. I always feel like an idiot when I’m told to turn left and have to think hard which side it is.

            1. Yes, I feel so dumb when I have to do that. Quite often, when we get out of this building, and Gerry says [there’s a long car park on the other side of the street]: «The car is to the right» … and I walk left … geez!

  2. Was she trying to save you money? How would she know what ‘expensive’ means to you as opposed to anyone else? Had she had experience of other customers shaking their heads when she weighed and priced a large container? Does she secretly work for a competing store? Questions, questions 🙂

    1. I think she simply spoke before she thought … and ‘expensive’ could have been from her own budget frame. It was just one of those events where I wish I’d been more quick witted 🙂

  3. There is Upsell, then we have downsell. Wow! Maybe the management heard her say that more than twice and handed her the pink slip.

  4. I have the same problem coming up with quick retorts, What if we came up with a generic one that coupled with a wild facial expression covered everything. Like perhaps,”They only let me out on a day pass so I must do it now. Don’t ask questions.” Pair that with a tic or a drool. oh the vision is delightful.

  5. People assume that just because they wouldn’t buy something (can’t afford it), that others should beware of the price as well. I guess you could look at it from several different points of view.

  6. HAHAHAHA Rebby great comeback>>>like you I think of them about 2 hours later. My friend Reeni is the ‘Queen of the Snappy Comeback’….she makes me howl with laughter with her remarks…… I think we need to take some lessons!!!

  7. I used to be quick when I was a teenager bu I’d always shoot my mouth off so I learned ‘restraint’……
    Now I am so slow at comebacks….maybe that is a blessing in disguise? 😉

  8. I’m thinking that the deli person just shoved her foot in her mouth without thinking about what she’d said first… But y’know, I’ve found that people who don’t “like” the same things that I do, don’t see the value of them and that happens a LOT! They’re entitled to their opinion; but I don’t have to agree with it; )

    1. Oh, I didn’t mind her saying that … I wasn’t offended or anything. People can think or say whatever they want for all I care … I just regretted not coming up with anything biting to respond with.

      But yes, she should have … shoved her foot in her mouth, considering she was at work.

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