this is the time [63/365]

4791513526_af4dbb453f_o-editedRight now, I’m so looking forward to seeing these guys again! It isn’t winter; there’s no snow and the temperatures are swinging wildly. This morning we have -14ºC [6.8ºF], and yesterday it was 14ºC [57.2ºF] with very high humidity.  Usually, we see the first, few cormorants late March, or early April. They come here, by the thousands, to fish in the Reversing Falls. They’re good at what they do … very skilled fishermen.

4596562898_9577393c90_oThey seem to know the tides … with the incoming tide comes plenty of fish, and at times it looks like the water is boiling when hundreds of cormorants dive.

The gulls are always hovering, hoping to be able to steal their fish … and sometimes they do.

cormorant_pondAt times, you can see the occasional cormorant out in the park … by the pond. It looks so funny — as if they were getting away from all the hustle and bustle by the Falls, relaxing with the ducks instead … drying wings, jumping around a little … just enjoying some time off.


It won’t be long now! Cormorants are also great for practicing action photo 😊

25 Replies to “this is the time [63/365]”

  1. Gorgeous photos Rebekah. They are such good looking birds, I find the wing structure a bit different. Where the wing nears the torso, it seems to narrow down while further out it widens.

      1. The turkey vultures in Mexico do the same thing when they sit on the cardon cacti. Not sure if they’re drying their wings or cooling them though. I think this image is where Tecate beer gets its emblem.

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