a little chuckle [61/365]

Scan 46I’m not all that big into «smilies», but I do use them to convey that whatever I wrote was ‘said with a smile’ or ‘tongue-in-cheek’. Guess I should be able to write in a way they wouldn’t be necessary, but I’m not. One time, when I first came online, I did write something which was totally misinterpreted, because of the lack of a smiley face, and after that I use them occasionally. In written language it is difficult to make emotions come across the way we do in speech … tone of voice, inflection, volume and so on. We have pretty much just the exclamation- and question mark.

Recently, I’v noticed a new smiley has shown up on my iPhone, namely this: 🙃. It represents ‘sarcasm’, I’ve just found out. Wouldn’t have seen that one coming — not spontaneously. From what I understand, it can replace the “jk”, ‘just kidding’ that I’ve often seen.

Won’t be frequently used by me, that’s for sure. I’m not the kidding type of person, and I don’t tease others much either. Personally,  I doubt it will gain any traction in general, but we shall see.

Back in 1996/97 when I first came online, there weren’t any smileys. At least in the group I ‘belonged’ to, people typed * S * for smile, * LOL * [we all know that one], * ROFL *, * LMAO * and so on … they didn’t even use the : -)

Here, in WordPress, when you type a colon and a right parenthesis, it automatically becomes a smiley face … if you have it set that way, that is 🙂

20 Replies to “a little chuckle [61/365]”

  1. Love the cartoon – it made me LOL. 🙂

    I read somewhere that the 😉 (semi-colon plus dash plus parenthesis) which looks like a raised eyebrow is the most unpopular emoji because people don’t know how to take it.

    1. 😉winking face … no, it’s hard to tell!

      Wasn’t it last year, LOL was accepted into some dictionary … Oxford, I think. If LOL in itself has become a word … then it gets all different. «I loled all the way to the bank» … or would it be lolled?! 😑

      CMD + CTRL + SPACE brings them all up 😉

      1. So, might that be LMAO>TD^ ?
        The latter half being “to da bank” (employing a Canadian reference where TD = Toronto Dominion ; )
        [Or, on second thought, probably far too convoluted ]:

  2. ROFL Rebby I hear you! I am not ‘up’ on all the short forms & fancy emoticons. I keep things pretty simple (something like me!)
    I LOVE the cartoon; absolutely adorable! Thanks for a 🙂
    I needed that!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  3. Oh dear! I really am living in the Dark Ages. I had to look up what ROFL and LMAO mean. Waste of time, in a way because I’ve never associated laughing with that part of my body, and ROFL has to be pretty extreme. But some of the expressions are handy, I suppose. LOL is sometimes true when I use it, but it has to be a good one. Thanks for the info on the rectangle for sarcasm, although it’s not one I would use. Good to know what others mean though.My favourite ones are IMHO and OMG, TTYL or TTYT, but that’s pretty much it (with a few LOLs added in).

      1. Oh, I thought it was a new symbol. This morning I had trouble with another WordPress image not showing up and then later it showed. TTYT is talk to you tomorrow.

  4. Whatever happened to ha ha or hehe? As far as I am concerned most “just kidding” statements are in truth really emotional truths deep down that someone doesn’t want to be accountable for so why not a JK in the center of th rectangle? ROFL would be awesome; if I was capable of such a stunt I would be a spring chicken again.

    1. You put words on something I’ve always felt … about the ‘just kidding’. I think that’s exactly what they are! Good to hear I’m not alone about feeling that way.

  5. I agree about the just kidding. It’s one of those expressions that really annoys me. Sounds more like passive-aggressive behaviour.

    I didn’t know the upside smiley-face meant sarcasm. Learn something new everyday.

    I did have a good laugh at a story told to me by a friend. She didn’t know LOL was used to mean laugh out loud and used it in a sentimental card sent to one of her sons. Needless to say, he was puzzled by the comment. She thought all those LOLs out there meant Lots of Love.

  6. I have both icons! I thought the upside down smiley meant you were upside down about something or crazy or just silly. Shows what I know. I didn’t use them much until I started using Instagram

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