Leap Year [60/365]

As you may have noticed, I’ve numbered these daily posts **/365. I could have jumped today, since it’s the 29th of February, but I won’t … I can «take a day off» some time later instead.

In Sweden, the leap day used to be on the 24th of February, up until 1996. I wasn’t even aware of the change until now. They moved it to the 29th. The fact that they had it on the 24th, may go back to the Roman Catholic Church … there’s LOTS to read about it in Wikipedia.


18 Replies to “Leap Year [60/365]”

  1. You’re rather brave to go for the extra day challenge – I might just as well take a day off today! It’s been bugging me ever since I found out that it was the leap year. I’m also numbering my posts 1 to 365, which is obviously imprecise for this odd leap year. My OCD doesn’t like it.

      1. I was thinking along the same lines: changing all my previous posts to x/366… But then I decided against it because the project shall be known as 365, no matter leap years…

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