web fonts [58/365]

Not too long ago, we got a few more fonts to choose from, here in WordPress dot com. Free of charge, even! It’s very nice.

There are times I wish all fonts were web-fonts. In case you didn’t know, Google has something called Google Fonts … take a peek, there are hundreds of them [708 to be precise]. They’re free to use, but in order to do so, you have to have a web site of your own — not a WordPress like this. Even if you have the paid upgrade, you don’t have access to the < head > code.  No matter what fancy font you use in your email … if the other person doesn’t have it installed on his or her computer … it doesn’t matter, it won’t show.

Or perhaps it’s a blessing — with people’s different taste in stuff, remembering animated backgrounds,  that would probably render many pages more or less unreadable.

My blog title, right now, is the font Cinzel … provided by WordPress, obviously. I could download a font from Google, type up the word Tassitus and make an image of it. However … I’ve heard that isn’t so good for SEO [who the heck would search for tassitus anyway?! 🙂]


38 thoughts on “web fonts [58/365]

    1. Yes! The Fonts part in the customizer is missing in .ORG … one just have to do the plugin thing. I don’t think it has to do with the theme …

      1. I wonder why they didn’t add it in the .org theme? One thing I remember Matt Mullenweg saying a long time ago was how he wanted to move things towards a cleaner core and then everything else in plugins. Maybe that is why.

  1. The .org themes have basically nothing built in (it’s probably euphemistically called the “cleaner core”, as David above suggests), I remember how exasperating it was when I was starting with .org and found that anything I want to do, I need a plugin to do it. I still struggle with web fonts and web safe fonts…

    1. Yep … in the .org, you’re on your own. I’ve found a plugin called Google Typography — easy to use, and it just works all the time, so I use that.

      There’s a list of web safe fonts … that would be Arial, Courier, Verdana and all those, I guess …

      1. Oh yes, I think I have the same plugin. The plugin, however, didn’t change the font in lists, so I had to write a bit of CSS with font stacks to change the font in lists. That got me somewhat confused. Some themes’ default fonts, curiously, don’t work with diacritics – so when I wanted the site in Czech, I had to change the font, like it or not, to display diacritics properly. sigh

        1. If you had it, it would have appeared as «Typography» under Appearance on the dashboard.

          Wow, that’s bad! In Google Fonts, I think there’s a way to check that out beforehand … not sure. So far, they’ve all worked with “my” three extra letters å, ä and ö.

  2. I find many of the font available to WP.com users to be a bit boring. It would be nice if the choices were expanded by a factor of two. Do you know of a website or software to create a logo? There are tons on the web but many say they are free but when you want to download the item, you get hit with a purchase page. grrrr

    1. Yes, for the blog title, in particular. There it would be nice to have a greater selection to choose from. I’m pretty much okay with the main font … I mean, for the text.

      I’ve looked at all those … you always end up having to pay. My little, blue logo here, I bought from some place … Shutterstock, I believe it was. I so love it, and never want to change.

      1. I see, OK. I avoid those purchase places like the plague though. Any decent online logo maker is say $40 or much higher for the graphic.

        Thats a ripoff for a non-business application. And i’m cheap too. I redesigned my site this morning, flipped it. Am going to build a different header than is up there now which are white ones.

        White is good but I want to reconfig the header a bit.

        1. I think mine was $5 … I fell so hard for it, so I’d probably paid even more. The only time I’ve paid for a graphic. I find it has an elegant simplicity and it’s cat related at the same time 🙂

      1. No need to thank me!! You know I love reading your blog posts! I am just a little slow these days lol 🙂

    1. It’s very intriguing, how that ‘test’ came out … I don’t even know which font it is. I kept changing the HTML, but that didn’t change the looks of it 🙂

      1. For some reason, YOUR responses show up in the app, but I can’t get your blog posts on it.
        Got more work to do with clearing things out. Total pain in my posterior to even attempt it on the phone. Something else for which I need more ScreenTime… sigh ):

  3. I have never even looked at all the things that you can do. I am really happy with the template I have and just change the picture from time to time.

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