looking for inspiration [56/365]

This morning, I had nothing in particular in mind I was going to write about. When the fog is thick, 13ºC [55ºF] outside, humidity 98% — it feels uncomfortable, and not all that inspiring. We may even get a few claps of thunder, later today.

Was browsing a page with free photographs, to see if anything would jump to mind. There are many of those sites, where you can get a totally free photographs, when you need to illustrate something and don’t have one of your own. Most often, I use Pixabay or Wikimedia Commons. No special reason … just a force of habit. There are many lists of those free photos websites.

chickadee_lensThis photo jumped out, because this has happened to me several times, but nobody there to take the picture — a chickadee sitting down on my lens [I don’t have any lens like this]. Besides … I don’t think the little guy in this photo is a chickadee … I think it’s a Great Tit [talgoxe in Swedish].


10 Replies to “looking for inspiration [56/365]”

  1. Glad you mentioned the Great Tit bit (lol;) ’cause at first glance, I was thinking, “Yup, that sure is one strangely coloured Chickadee!”
    But seriously though, the Talgoxe is quite dramatic with such bold black markings, yeah? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_tit (see in particular the photo under “Relationship with humans”: )
    Still, somewhere along the line (in the land before time when North America and Europe were still one; ) they must have been related to the Chickadee, don’t you think?

    1. Talgoxe is as common as the Chickadee is here. They do indeed look like distant cousins or something. There’s is another bird there, who’d a cousin of the bluejay 🙂

  2. Hm, the Great Tit doesn’t seem that great… But it’s a great photo. I use mostly Pexels.com for good quality photos and FreeImages.com for all kinds of photos, there’s a good choice when one needs something specific.

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