mentally exhausted [54/365]

It’s one of those days — this morning, we took McDuff to the vet for his pedicure. Called her up yesterday, and made the appointment; 10 o’clock this morning. When I hung up, I think he knew! This morning, he most definitely knew — he didn’t act his normal self at all. But then again, many things were different; both my husband and I were up earlier than usual … at the same time!

Gerry went down to warm up the car, a little bit before McDuff and I got down there. As soon as Gerry went out the door, the cat went into hiding. Not even the rattling sound from his candy bag could lure him out. Oh well, I crawled underneath the table, got a hold of him, and put him in the cage. I don’t know for sure, but I think the actual car ride is what scares him the most. Hard for us to imagine what it must feel like, when your ordinary world consists of a two-bedroom-apartment. It’s a big, scary world out there!

The procedure itself, was swift … we didn’t have to wait at all, now we’re back and it’s all forgotten … until next time! If we don’t do this, his claws will grow into his pad, and then we really can start to talk about PAINFUL.

I don’t know who’s most exhausted … mother or cat?! ☺️

18 Replies to “mentally exhausted [54/365]”

  1. Good grief Rebekah, “… his claws will grow into his pad”? Our kitty’s always been an indoor/outdoor cat, so there’s never been any issues because she was always self-maintaining; but she’ll be turning sixteen soon, and hasn’t been outside in a while, come to think of it. Hmm, perhaps I should have a look at her nails too…

    1. It doesn’t happen to all cats. It’s just that his claws grow to look like a C or a comma … hence, they get into his pads. As soon as I can HEAR him walking on the floor … then it’s time!

  2. They sure don’t like their nails clipped. I used to have the cats (I had a McDuff and his brother) sit on my lap (one at a time) and I’d pet them while I clipped my own nails so they got used to the sound of the clippers. I played with their paws while I petted them and once in a while I would clip one of their nails in between doing mine. It worked and I never had to have a vet do it. But each cat is different and you do have to start young with them. Our puppy doesn’t like getting her nails done because twice my husband accidentally clipped too much and now it’s a battle each time. Last night we managed to get her nails done with him holding her and me clipping only the tiniest bit. There’s hope!

    1. Yeah, that sounded like a really good plan — if I’d started when he was a kitten. I did start, a little, but I don’t think my grip was firm enough. He’s my third cat, and all of them have had this issue. There’s always that danger of cutting too close to the pulp, and they will remember 🙂

  3. Cats are so uncool. If only they would embrace the concept of going for a ride in the car, their world could be so interesting. I would happily take Theo with me on some of my travels …. but he too is uncool about the car.

    I cut Theo front claws myself. I can usually cut 2 or 3 before he starts getting restless so his nails seem to go through a rotation in getting cut. I can’t cut his back claws though. He’s a 20 lb cat and I’m simply not strong enough to handle him. Thankfully my oldest son can and Theo trusts him. Luckily the back claws only need cutting 2-3 times a year … which reminds me that when my son visits in a few weeks, Theo is due for a pedicure 🙂

    1. Yes, they don’t like getting outside of their ‘world’. I should’ve started when he was a little kitten … Oh well, now he’ll be good for four, five months, at least.

      20 lb … that’s a big cat 🙂

  4. He’s older so less tolerant and I think a lot of it is the smells of so many other animals and they may be scared there is nowhere to get away from them.

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