popular TV shows [53/365]

Three of my all-time, favourite TV shows, I’ve come across purely by coincidence! Wouldn’t have chosen any of them [perhaps one], if I’d read about them beforehand.

Back in 2000, I just happened to be sitting on the sofa, doing absolutely nothing … the TV was left on, and this brand new show started. At first, I wasn’t paying attention at all, but something spiked my interest, when the mafia boss was starting to feed some ducks in his pool. “A mafia guy, who cares about ducks can’t be entirely bad”, I thought, and was hooked on The Sopranos for years to come! I would never have chosen to watch any of those mafia series, had it not been for this duck scene 😀 and I got even more hooked when he [Tony Soprano = James Gandolfini] started seeing a psychiatrist because of his panic anxiety.

Downton_Abbey_season_1Another one … the exact same thing happened. I was just sitting there, I have a vague memory of that my husband was on the phone, so the sound was turned down. Here, I don’t know what it was that piqued my interest, but I do remember saying to Gerry when he was finished, “turn up the sound … I must watch this!!!” It was Downton Abbey. Last night, I watched the second last episode of it. I will miss it, but everything must come to an end. It’s been fascinating to watch, not only for the story, but also to quality of it … the attention they’ve paid to details — it’s like a time document.

The third one [they aren’t in that order necessarily], I might actually have picked out because of a snippet, shown on TV. Homeland. That series isn’t finished yet … a new season is being filmed … I’m still just impressed by the female character Kerri [Claire Danes], by her performing. It’s based on the Israeli show Hatufim/Prisoners of War, and Damian Lewis is the male main character in the beginning. He’s one of those Brits, who amazes me, since there’s no way to detect the slightest British accent!  The show also surprised me, when one of the main characters died — I was sure it was going down after that, couldn’t foresee a continuation, but it still holds my interest. I’m looking forward to season 6.

These were just three … I didn’t even mention Blue Bloods, which I watch, religiously, every Friday night 🙂

Do you have any favourite TV-show you look forward to, every week?


22 Replies to “popular TV shows [53/365]”

  1. Blue Bloods, Downton Abby and Person of Interest used to be on the MUST See list; along with a sprinkling of Madam Secretary, Suits, The Good Wife and White Collar… However, viewing time lately has been subject to “time constraints”, so they are all much more hit and miss.
    Oh, and Limitless is another one that’s really piqued my interest for its whole concept…

  2. a group of us have gotten together on Sunday nights to watch Downton Abbey since its second season. It will be strange that it’s over, but I think it’s run its course.

  3. Thanks for your TV tips! Seriously. I’m in the habit of watching TV series when having my meals – I find it boring to just eat – and I’m in constant search for what to watch. Downton Abbey surprisingly got me hooked, especially the first series. Sopranos are next on my watchlist! Btw, have you seen Black Mirror? It’s quite intriguing and I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. I did that too, when I was living as a single. Either TV or reading the newspaper. The only thing was; the cat always placed herself on top of the newspaper.

      I think you would like The Sopranos. Will check out Black Mirror …

  4. I used to watch series – before the children came. Since then – not much. What a good idea to try to pin down what caught you from the start!
    There are some series I have watched a couple of parts from – but not many. I tried to follow a series with Jennifer Garner (I forget the name…) that was really good. I think Bradley Cooper was in it too. Then I try to see The Mentalist now and then – love Simon Baker…And I still love The Big Bang Theory!
    Downtown Abbey i watched a couple of times as well, and I agree about the fantastic details. British series at its best!

    1. Yes, it must be difficult to follow, when you have kids. I particularly remember Sopranos, as it was so out of line for me … but turned out to be a favourite 🙂 We watched the Mentalist while it was on here. Big Bang Theory, I’ve never gotten into … it’s still on.

  5. I liked The Sopranos. Homeland too. I’m currently watching season 5 . If I remember correctly, I thought season 2 or 3 (can’t remember which one of them) were a bit lame, but then season 4 was great and 5 seems cool too.
    “Narcos” is totally awesome!!! The Knick, Romanzo Criminale and House of Cards is very good too.

    1. We started to watch “Narcos”, but … I don’t know what it was that made me stop. It just didn’t get me hooked … Didn’t watch House of Cards while it was on, but I’ve been thinking of watching it on Netflix.

  6. The Sopranos still lives on in the memory.
    And Homeland series when Damien Lewis was in it really shook me. Even when I knew it was a TV series – when the bomb went off and all those people were killed, I was in pain. Crazy, eh!

    1. Same here — many episodes of Sopranos were unforgettable!

      Strangely enough; me too. Perhaps because Homeland is somehow so ‘close’ to our times …

      I’m surprised, though, that I’ve continued to like it even after Damian Lewis. They’ve kept it up …

    1. Yeah, most people I’ve talked with love that show, me included. After the first season of Downton Abbey, I think they were actually surprised over the reception it got in North America …

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