Changing Seasons ~ February 2016

Last year, when I tried to take part in the Changing Seasons challenge, I think I got fed up, because one month it was snow, next, more snow and so on. That’s not the case this year. There’s hardly any snow at all, except in shady spots. The lakes are still frozen over, but we have rain and warm weather coming on Wednesday so … I’d say winter’s pretty much over.

This also happens to coincide with WP Weekly, Seasons.

33 Replies to “Changing Seasons ~ February 2016”

    1. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised, when I saw how nice it came out. Sometimes, I get disappointed when I see them on the computer screen. Yeah, flaps up … I spent some time there today, by the pond.

      Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. Now I’m quite envious… The only wildlife I’m getting here are pigeons, rats and an occasional hare. Seen from a distance. I didn’t try to feed the rats…

        1. ROFL @ the rats. I saw one, outside our building, not to long ago … a real rat, not mouse!

          These guys have become so accustomed to people feeding them … one chickadee landed on my camera lens ..

        1. I remember, three years ago, we all of a sudden got +25º in March … that was weird, but temporary. Same with this; rain tomorrow! 🙂

  1. So, why is it that I seem to be the only one who’s thinking: how can we say “Goodbye!” to Winter, when we haven’t even had any yet? It is STILL February; Spring does not start until four weeks from now; and we (here, at least) are WAY below average snowfall for this time of year; with very little frost in the ground and at least two freeze/thaw cycles already…
    Do any of you know any experienced farmers, or gardeners in your area that you can talk to about this situation? Because I am very much concerned for what will happen this year if this truly is the “end” of Winter… I am afraid that we are heading into a very lean Summer season of drought and poorer crop situations than that which we’ve already been experiencing ):

    1. I thought a little about that too, but it’s too late now, for a real good Winter. Last one was something else, and I enjoyed it because I didn’t have to deal with the shovelling and all what comes with it. Don’t know any farmers …

      1. Yes, you Maritimers certainly had more than your fair share down there, last year, too true! Whereas we, here in central Ontario, had a somewhat “normal” year, I think (but I honestly can’t recall for certain ): and this year, are definitely headed for trouble. I can’t imagine what the lack of snow and wildly fluctuating temperatures are doing to the Maple trees. Those who make Syrup must be having fits by now… ): and the Winter Wheat, well it should have been covered in several inches of snow for a couple of months now, and this was just not the case. We shall see; but I am afraid of crop failure (wheat and Maple Syrup, strawberries, fruit trees…) and ever-higher prices in the stores for lower quality produce. I pray that I am wrong!

  2. Is that a chickadee? I love the squirrel, too! I can’t stop taking pictures of them in my backyard! Your pictures are fantastic!

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