Our little city [51/365]

4723489437_df02e388c2_oSaint John, New Brunswick, was on national TV last night! There’s this investigative, documentary program called Fifth Estate on CBC, on Friday nights. They bring up all kinds of in-depth investigations … could be politics, controversial characters or ordinary people.

So … this time it was about the high-profile murder case I wrote about, here in the blog, one month ago [LINK]; the bludgeoning of a businessman, belonging to one of the three wealthiest families, here, in the province of New Brunswick.

It was interesting to watch, but I didn’t sense it brought anything new to the table … nothing we didn’t already know. It’s not over yet, since he’s filed an appeal, but the appeal case won’t come up until in the Fall, sometime.

In any case, it was ‘interesting’ to see Saint John on TV, even though I see it every day … it looked so … spiffy! šŸ™‚ I’m would be the first to tell you about what a gem this city is, but still — it looked different and moreĀ colourful on TV — those areal shots were gorgeous. Says something about the filming of the show, I guess. Normally, I don’t notice these things — it’s extremely rare I watch a movie that leaves me impressed by the filming, in fact I can only recall two: Ā«Sleepless in SeattleĀ» and Ā«City of AngelsĀ», but now I’m straying far from the subject.

The show didn’t convince me that he did it, or didn’t do it — it didn’t take away the ‘reasonable doubt’. I have a feeling people are pretty much divided up 50/50 when it comes to the opinions about Dennis Oland’s guilt.


16 thoughts on “Our little city [51/365]

  1. Ahhh Atlantic Canada, I would love to visit you!

    I remember listening to Radio Canada International on the shortwave radio frequencies. The web killed Canada’s international radio service about 4 years ago and the transmitters and towers/antennas were all torn down at Sackville, NB. That still makes me sad. I listened to RCI for years. Grrr.

    RCI aired The Fifth Estate on the International service too. Sorry about the murder. How sick.

    1. ahh … Sackville! Not too far from here. While I still listened to shortwave back home [long time ago], I listened to VoA and BBC World.

      1. BBC is nice but the VOA sucked, never listened. The internet is causing so it seems, many SW broadcasters and government stations to turn off their transmitters for good.

        Money had a lot to do with the shutting down of RCI, budget cuts were and I am sure still going on. The internet can be cut off – rogue governments can not cut off or block SW transmissions.

        I believe that keeping at least one active international station on the air 24/7 should be a mandatory thing for all countries with the means to do so.

        Had you ever drove by and seen the RCI station in person?

        1. Yes! Now that you mention it … I actually HAVE! All the masts are there … when I go to Halifax airport … you go by there!

          I so totally agree with you about that all countries should have one!

  2. Everything seems to be more colourful on TV. Anytime I see a video from my town, which is quite often, as it’s a university town and the university regularly produces videos to encourage new students to enroll, I tell myself, oh dear, what a gem of a town, do I really live here? šŸ˜‰

    1. LOL yes … there you go! Even, like I said, I already think it’s a gem of a city, I was really struck by its beauty last night šŸ™‚

  3. What a lovely photo Rebby! I have never been to East Coast; I suspect I would really love the scenery.
    I am sorry to read about the murder…it sounds a lot like the trial for my Brother’s murderers’…..so convoluted they got off….but Karma got them a year later….finally!

    1. It’s quite lovely here! I’m sure you’d love it.

      Yeah, this case is strange … you don’t know what to really think. Many people were surprised they could even go to trial, when they had that little …

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