Instagram [46/365]

I’m one of the 400 million users on Instagram. First time I ever heard the name, was probably late 2010 or so, and the mentionings rapidly became more frequent in social media. It was only for iPhone users, and that made me really wanting Instagram, because ‘everyone’ seemed to have so much fun with it. In April 2012 it was released for Android phones too, and was downloaded one million times in one day, I read in WikiPedia. By then, I already had an iPhone and Instagram.

Once I had it, it was as if its glory faded. Guess it was some psychological thing about ‘what you can’t have …’. It was just another social media thing — I never got really into it. With so many social apps and websites going around, it seems impossible to stay excited about all of them. I’m signed up for most, but when it comes down to it, it’s my blog circle I care the most about. I do post photos to Instagram, but the thing is; those are the only times I go in there. I post, then I go through the list and hit «like» [the little ❤️], and that’s pretty much it. Doesn’t make for much interaction, but it doesn’t matter … it’s not any obsession of mine … in any way 🙂

A funny — and intriguing — thing happened, though, just before last Christmas. I’d taken a totally pointless picture of the Christmas tree down here, in the lobby of our building. Posted it to Instagram and hashtagged it #christmastree. Didn’t think more about it. After a short while … we were actually sitting down, having dinner … my phone started going off like crazy! Ping, ping, ping … I thought something was wrong, so I picked it up and looked. They were notifications from Instagram … LIKES. They all came from Italy?! I don’t remember now, how many likes I got for that silly Christmas tree, or why, but there were many [for me], close to 100, and I had only one hashtag.

IMG_2435Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day, I put up this, and tagged with many of those cat-hashtags [#catsofinstagram, #instacat and so on] … got lots of likes at first, but nowhere close to the Christmas tree LOL.

Anyway, it’s kind of a fun thing to have, and I do keep up with a few friends back home. I’m @tassitus on Instagram.

23 thoughts on “Instagram [46/365]

  1. Like you, blogging is where I devote most of my social media effort. Instagram is a bit of an afterthought and Facebook is … well, duller than dull.

    1. Agreed … and FB is my least favourite social media. It’s probably my own fault — if I actually wrote something there, instead of just complaining about it, perhaps it would be better. As it is now, I just scroll.

  2. I’m nowhere at the moment. Blogging is an effort – all I can manage is a mundane shot of outside my window and back door. Instagram needs work – I don’t have the energy. What a sorry state of affairs! No sympathy required, life will return to ‘normal’ as and when. Thanks for being consistent in your visits – I really do appreciate it.

  3. May I speak honestly? I sincerely hope FB goes away. IG isn’t for everyone, I love it because it’s so totally about photography. You are aware of the recent issues I’ve had though and may end up canning IG. Those hashtags make all the difference but IG central warms you about using too many or you will be labeled a spammer. I use just five per post now which means you better make the ones chosen count.

    1. Yes, but I don’t see it happening any time soon [reg. FB].

      I keep using the same hashtags all the time; either saintjohn or some cat-tag. Don’t think I’ve had more than three, ever.

      If I hashtag a picture with #duck or #mallard, I get oodles of likes, but they’re all from people who HUNT ducks … they want to kill them. Bizarre! LOL

      1. No kill ducks! The hash tag draws a specific group apparently. The use of hash tags seems dumb doesn’t it? No better way??

        1. I’ve tried #waterfowl but that was worse.
          The hashtags started in Twitter, and I guess people found them handy … and they are, in a way.

  4. Haha, I have the same experience of sometimes finding my silliest posts, whether on Instagram or WordPress, to be the most popular. I guess it’s an interplay of many factors, including the tags you use, the time you post it etc. I waited a long time to sign up for Instagram, mostly just because of the filters. I’m a filter lover 🙂 But WordPress always remains my favourite medium.

    1. My husband has a friend who is pretty active on FB … he writes long, initiated articles about Quebec politics and stuff like that. He gets a few comments every now and then. But then, once, he put up a picture of his two CATS, and got close to a hundred comments LOL

      Yup! WordPress … that’s ‘my thing’ 🙂

      1. Wow 🙂 Of course, cats rule the internet. (Maybe they will be superseded by ducks, but I doubt that.) I never bothered to actually write something on FB, I just have it connected to repost stuff from my other social media. I think I might need to post more cats on my real life FB account to support my job hunt.

        1. I have such a mixed bunch of people there … meaning, ‘real life’ and online buddies, so I feel reluctant to post anything at all. If one took time out to make up different ‘lists’, perhaps, but I can’t be bothered by that.

          Oh and yes, for sure; cats rule the web! 😻

          1. Cats rule the web and so I posted a cat for my yesterday’s post 😉 I’m expecting to break the internet. Ha.

            I have separate FB accounts for my RL and my blogging life, so this solves some problems. And creates a bunch of new ones.

            1. I should have done that from the beginning, if I’d only been able to foresee where it was going — created two accounts, that is. Still doable, but it feels tiresome just to think about FB.

  5. Love McDuff’s photo Rebby! He is so handsome!
    I laughed about the Italians LIKING your Christmas Tree….then again it was probably a wonderful photo & made them all nostalgic or something 😉

    1. I told him. He thanks you, purringly 🙂
      Yeah, maybe so … it was fun! At first I thought the phone had gone crazy, with all the pinging.

  6. I have instagram and use it often, but I have a closed account so I don’t get likes from people that I haven’t approved to be my followers. I use it mostly as a social thing: posting some photos of me and the kid, plus I follow a lot of tattoo stuff there.

    1. Yeah, I know … and that’s fine too! That thing about the tree, was just fun and intriguing — it probably won’t happen again.

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