sharing what was shared with me [45/365]

Last night, I found a new [to me] photo editor, in my blogging buddy, David’s blog.

It’s called Fotor and it’s FREE, it has apps for all the most common platforms, I thought «If it’s free, it’s for me», and downloaded it here to my MacBook.

Tested it on these, two .RAW files. Already the fact that the editor could handle .RAW was a + to me, as I always shoot in .RAW format. It was easy to use … I had no problems finding my way around in there. Lots of ‘filters’ ‘n stuff, if you’re into that.

I haven’t done all that much to my two, example photos … I cropped a little, adjusted exposure a tiny bit in one … added some frames.

I’m a PhotoShop-user. Could this be a replacement?! Not at this point, but if I for some reason would have to give up PhotoShop, this would probably be my first option.

Happy Valentine’s Day all around the blogosphere!

heart of hearts by me


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