Panorama ~ Inspired by Mara [42/365]

The other day, my blogging buddy Mara posted a few panoramic photos she’d taken with her cellphone. I remembered trying that feature out, when it was new, and then more or less forgot about it.

Yesterday, we were out. The weather was glorious and I shot a few panorama photos. Here’s one that came out decent.

pano-millidgeville Obviously, you’ll have to click on it to get the «full experience» 🙂 It’s the ferry landing out in Millidgeville, which isn’t open now, in the wintertime.

This feature would have been perfect to have, when we were in Sussex — a neighbouring, little town with great murals. I remember not being able to get them in one frame. I think we’ll have to go back there sometime soon.


8 thoughts on “Panorama ~ Inspired by Mara [42/365]

  1. David Bennett

    Great idea with the panorama – and the way it gives a good idea of the place. There used to be a fashion for panorama postcards and panoramic cameras. Perhaps a revival is due!

    1. tassitus Post author

      Oh, I remember them! 🙂

      Certain spots are really fitting, so I’ll take one from up on Fort Howe, our look-out here in Saint John. Now I can’t get there, but in the Spring …

    1. tassitus Post author

      LOL yeah! A couple of years ago, a woman drove straight out, at the old ferry landing, so now they’ve put up flashing, red lights there.

      1. John

        Not surprised – having grown up in Michigan snowmobiling, living on a lake and having drove trucks on lakes I see the danger staring at me!


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