snow removal [41/365]

My morning routine is usually very slow and drawn-out. I like it that way … the coffee drinking, email- and news reading, blogging — it all takes its time. Today the routine was greatly upset! It dawned on me it was today we were supposed to move the cars away from the car lot for snow removal. Really … we’re told to do that after each storm, but nobody seems to be up before 9 o’clock … that’s when the plough comes around. On an unrelated note; the word ‘snow removal’ was one of the first words I learned in French: «déneigement» 😊

IMG_2389-minToday, though, I decided to make an effort, since I remembered it in time. Not too big a deal … after all, I’d had my first mug of coffee.

In this picture, it looks a lot worse than it is. We don’t have all that much snow here now … this is from the ploughing.

I hung around, downstairs, in the lobby, talking to the neighbours, while the little plough truck did its thing, and now everything is back to normal.

IMG_2390-minThey never manage to get the two car lots free of cars — people could be away somewhere, sleeping or just don’t care.

There’s no new snowstorm in the forecast for now, but that could change in no time.

25 Replies to “snow removal [41/365]”

  1. We have on-street parking, and on the subject of car removal (deautomobilement, perhaps?) for access – it’s a problem when people move out or move in.

    The removal company applies to the Council for a permit, naming a date when the job will be done. The Council fastens a yellow sign to the nearest lamppost and on the given day the cars must find another place to park.

    But people sometimes forget or are away. That’s when the grabbers come around. They are flat-bed lorries with a big grab hook. The workers slip canvas straps under the car and the grabber lifts the car onto the lorry and away it goes.

    I have never enquired where the cars are taken to or how the hapless owner gets to know what has happened.

    1. Ahh … on the notice we get about snow removal, they threaten us with that, but it isn’t true. They wouldn’t do that. This is private property. However … out in the city streets they do the same thing. After each storm, they announce a parking ban, and the cars left are towed at the owners expense. I don’t know where they take them either, or how it’s all sorted out afterwards.

      1. A special pound for naughty cars…

        In Jerusalem they have an even more ‘advanced’ method of moving cars that are illegally parked. A truck with a kind of hole or space where the the flatbed should be – just a three-sides frame, comes along and two prongs come out, scoops the car into the space in the bed of the truck and drives off. All done super quick. 🙂

  2. First – in answer to your question(s) – abandoned vehicles are towed to the Municipal /Police impound lot.
    But now, I need to know… Is that part of a Fort that I can see across the street – up in behind the hydro pole?!

  3. I say that’s outright auto theft and should be banned. It’s called grand larceny or theft here. Why are the hooks not impounded in prison?

      1. Hey, I have been messing with Tap, I deleted that site as it just made me angry. Apparently I am better suited to I think that going totally, full-blown self hosted would be a better option for me. But the Plugins are a pain in the butt. I really didn’t want to install the JetPack plugin because I do not want any other site tied to this website.

        1. Yes, both have their advantages and disadvantages. For a regular, personal blog, I honestly think .COM is fine. Especially since they added the selection of fonts! When this year [of hosting] is up, I may very well go back to .com. But that’s far away and I won’t think about that today 🙂

  4. I love this post! Not that your routine was upset, but I love posts about everyday things. We have street cleaning rather than snow removals here. Theoretically the cars that don’t move could be removed but I never saw it done. You could get a parking ticket easily but removals are rarely practised.

    Btw, your new blog theme looks lovely. Accidentally, I picked the same theme for my possible freelancing project when I would design a site for a paint shop. The theme turned out to be a horror to customise when I tried to do something with CSS. I wish I knew CSS properly… The prospective customer likes the theme overall but seems to hate my design, and I quite concur with him 😮

    1. Thank you! There’ll be a lot of these posts … consider, we’ve only reached #41 LOL! Here, they do tow them away.

      In this theme, which I basically chose for the name (!) I’ve never laid my hands on any CSS except for the calendar. I wanted a link background colour. I wish I knew it too, but it’s a huge subject. I’ve found a website where you can set up a self-hosted WordPress for free: 10GB of storage for free.

      1. Actually, I was quite impressed when I noticed that we’ve done over forty daily posts already 🙂 I wonder if I’ll keep it up.

        Here’s a secret – I sometimes choose my theme based on the name only… I was using Edin at one time only because I love Edinburgh. I know, far fetched.

        Thanks for the link, that looks perfect! I wish I knew sooner. But I can always do with another test site.

        1. One of my blogging buddies lives there; Edinburgh … David B.

          I really love the Scrawl theme, but that’s not for the name; it’s the theme itself. Could have chosen Canard for my love of ducks too 😀

          Yup! Forty days done, and I’m not even close to getting fed up?!

          1. Good to hear you’re not fed up yet! I was thinking I might call it a day when January ended but got used to the routine. Canard is another of my favourite themes, I take “canard” in the sense of an unfounded news story, which is a meaning that appeals to me. Also, I’m extremely proud to know this rather obscure word – I don’t think I ever actually used it in my life.

            1. Apart from meaning duck, I think it’s mainly used in the newspaper-world. Again; the Swedes translated it, so instead of saying canard about an unfounded news story, they’d say «news duck» [nyhetsanka] ROFL

  5. Thanks for giving me a new french word 🙂
    How could I live in Canada my entire life, grow up in a french community, marry a French-Canadian, and NOT know the word for snow removal?!!!

    1. Haha!!! The first time I came here [to visit] it was winter … big time! 🙂 I kept seeing those signs all over the place, there they dumped all the snow 😀

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