The Pharmaceutical Industry [38/365]

That’s probably one of the industries that scares me the most. Won’t go into any in-depth-analysis about it, though … not here and now. Let’s just say that the older I get and the more I learn … the less likely I am to put almost any pill into my system. Luckily I don’t have to, but there is one I take every morning. It’s been around for ages … ‘old and trusted’, not known to have caused any major disasters, as opposed to that trial they made in France a few weeks ago. It was all over the news.

The only reason I’m thinking about the pharmaceutical industry this fine, Sunday morning, is the movie we watched last night; «Side Effects».  It was really good on so many levels … suspenseful, surprising throughout the movie — all the twists and turns it took — and it certainly made you think. All these well-known brands of, what’s referred to as SSRI, that we see and hear about in the commercials all the time, that were mentioned in the film. I would never even touch upon American politics here, but I did hear Hillary Clinton say, a while back, that if she was elected, she’d do something about those TV-commercials for prescription medicine. I’ll believe it if/when I see it. They are probably my biggest pet peeve since I came to North America.

IMG_2345-minOn a more cheerful note, I took this with my iPhone yesterday … «frozen in time» .


82 Replies to “The Pharmaceutical Industry [38/365]”

  1. When we were in the States last year we too noticed the number of ads for prescription drugs. I couldn’t help but feel that apart from selling drugs they were also selling the idea that we are all defective and that there is a rainbow leading to utopia if only we take the drugs…

    1. Of course they are! When I first came here, I could hardly believe my ears … I didn’t know that they had it this way! Then they have to read all the side effects, real quickly, in the end … «may cause death» et cetera …

  2. Ha! I just got the Safari warning ‘This form will be sent in a way that is not secure. Are you sure you want to send it?’

    Maybe it’s a web hosting thing – something that they have not sanitised?

    1. Yeah, I’m back with Safari and still haven’t sorted out what causes it. It’s only in the Make theme, but not when I respond from the orange bubble in the bar!

          1. Ah, I didn’t realise that – I think you said that and I didn’t take in what you meant. It’s difficult to imagine what the Make theme would have that would lead Safari to think the comments were forms. By the way, I am commenting from the sidebar thingy now.

      1. I’ll write now and see if anything happens at this end… (But hey, I’ve been having trouble with this since… Well, you know; )

        1. You’re having trouble because it won’t remember your credentials on your mobile phone. There could be two reasons for this: 1. my page is self-hosted 2. you don’t have a WordPress account.

          1. That problem started upon getting the 6; not just yours, but not everyone else either…
            So, get rid of the 6, get rid of the problem?
            (Or get a WordPress account; )
            Anyway, as I am using Safari, was just checking to see if I might also get the “do you want to resubmit” warning, and I didn’t… : )

            1. It would take you 30 seconds to get a WordPress account so …

              Still haven’t narrowed it down [as you could see in that exchange above]. It’s very intriguing and hard to stop thinking about it LOL

        2. Nope, no warning going straight in – and it actually posted my comment immediately – hurray!!

  3. So where are we ? (my memory is lousy)

    I got it when I commented on which is using the Make theme and is hosted on GoDaddy and uses JetPack

    When do you get the warning?

  4. Hey Bekah? Yes, I noticed that as well, that there’s no header photo today.
    Also noticed that there’s no little “floaty box” coming up to enlarge your photo in this post, either. (Not that it really matters, I hate the way the thing moves around on the phone screen, anyway… Did you get rid of it?: )
    Yes, I know only 30 seconds (hanging head in chagrin) I haven’t [taken/made] the time to stop and fire up the laptop. Still too many “real” things on the never-ending list sigh and these are purely stolen moments on the phone-screen…

    1. I’ve changed something now [won’t go into the details of it, but it’s called ‘child theme’], and now I’m posting from Safari on the computer. Will see what happens.

      Will deal with the header image later — there is one, and it’s pretty nice, methinks.

    2. Oh, and the reason the picture isn’t clickable, is I wrote this post up in the “new editor”, and there you can’t yet make that. I’ll go in and fix that now. I still got the warning message.

  5. I wonder what’s more annoying, WP’s new and “improved” editor or pharmaceutics. The latter is a sensitive issue for me because I take depression medication and I’ve had long-standing issues with the treatment I get. I feel that the doctors are just happy that I’m sort of functioning and refuse to do anything extra to improve the quality of life. But it’s a bit different problem that the one you describe – I don’t have a TV and I block online ads, but last time I checked, prescription medicine wasn’t advertised here – because it’s prescription, your doctor’s choice if they prescribe it or not, not yours.

    1. I wish you could get to see the movie!!! There’s so much more to be desired when it comes to mental health. Ads like that aren’t allowed in Europe. In each commercial, they finish off by saying «Talk to your doctor, and ask if Effexor [insert ANY pill here] is right for YOU!» Imagine all the doctors, who have only so much time allotted for each patient … the endless discussions about what they’ve read or seen on TV. Then they’re obliged to read all the side effects, and they do that very quickly … I think they’ve sped up the voices. Quite often it ends with “…may cause death” 😊

      The editor is a whole different story — they [WP] have a lot of fixing to do.

      1. I get it now! It’s curious. And it doesn’t sound like a great idea.

        On a related (unrelated) note, I’m thinking I’ll rather cope with depression than with WP’s new editor. I tried it once, but it can’t copy a post (I do it every.single.time), it can’t pin a post to the front page and it doesn’t show most frequently used tags. So it pretty much doesn’t do anything for me.

        1. Looking into it now, I find ONE of the things you mention can be done [pinning a post]. When you start a new post there, in the left column it automatically says ‘new draft’. Beside those words is a little down-arrow … there you can find “stick this post to front page”.

          Copy a post, I’m not sure I would know how to do in the old editor either, because I’ve never felt the urge to do it. Uhmm … why do you do it? 🙂

          Frequently used tags, I don’t know … I’m trying to force myself to use it, but it’s not going good. It’s not the finished product … not even close, so I think it’s unfair to the users to put it out. I know they want feedback, and there was/is a thread that was 25 pages long last time I looked. They seemed to have abandoned that, probably because they got so many complaints. In the beginning of it, they came in and replied, but people were so angry, and so many complained about the same things.

          1. Oh, good, I must have missed the pinning the post function. I did poke around the new editor but hated it so much 😦 I also contributed to the feedback forum – very politely asking them about my favourite post copying function, and was told that it’s not a priority (that is, it won’t be implemented). It’s not the posts themselves that I copy as rather their tags and categories – I’m compulsively organised, and I post the same type of things all the time, so when I post, say, for my 365 project, I copy an old post and just switch the picture. Probably most people aren’t as obsessed about organising as me, which explains why this function wasn’t included in the new editor. Well, let’s hope that the WP people will work on that thing a bit more.

            1. Right, I see now what you mean, and I remember the function.

              There was another woman who asked them to implement a simple function too, where they said they wouldn’t. ‘So what do you suggest me to do?’, the person asked. They suggested she’d pay for the upgrade $99 and learn HTML (!!!).

              1. Nice. Not. While I still think WP is the best blogging platform around, I’m not too excited about their recent changes. I do pay for the USD 99 upgrade and use a little CSS, but the value of this bundle has decreased a lot – when I got it, only a few if any themes had free colour schemes to choose from, also the extra fonts were available to paying users only. Now it’s available to all, which is ok, but I’d like more for my money.

                1. Yes, there’s no better platform so … shrug. But I hate how they changed those upgrade plans. The ‘Customize upgrade’ they had before for $30 was better. This is pure greed, as usual.

  6. The TV ads for drugs are so out of control in the States, people are sick to death of them. Common sense should put an end to this, not a socialist pig like Klinton. These drug ads are not allowed in Australia, smart government in that respect.

    If the drug companies in France are like those here, the company will end up paying out some money for the deaths, then continue on spreading their evil as though nothing ever happened. It’s the money. Human life has no value to these drug companies.

    We are cash cows, not human beings. The same can be said for the alcohol and cigarette industries. Of course these people willingly spend their own money on alcohol and cigarettes, and that is their own personal choice. But is it moral for these companies to do this?

    I say no. It never was and it never will be either. So then, the march to the bank by these corporations, laughing all the way, will never end. The reality that these people are being played like patrons in a Vegas Casino is something they are totally blind to, by choice or not.

    1. Wow, thanks for your comment, John!
      Since we get all the American networks, we get the same commercials [strangely enough NOT during events like the SuperBowl, then we get different?!] Basically, I agree — I don’t have any feeling of that human lives mean anything to these companies. Greed has taken over totally. They’re not only forbidden in Australia [the ads]; Europe too!

      1. I hope I wasn’t too strong with the comment… But TV adverts in any form really crank me off. Advertising has ruined TV, radio and the internet.

        1. No! and they crank me off too — could NEVER use Yahoo Mail, just to give one example [now, there are other reasons for that but the ads are the worst].

          1. Oh yes, Yahoo is polluted with ads. My wife uses Gmail but loves the Yahoo homepage for all the gossip crap on it. I stopped chiding her about it as she gets mad. OK, enjoy the garbage they serve up. THE HOMEPAGE IS SOMETIMES COVERED OVER BY A FULL PAGE AD!!

            Sorry about the caps. Yahoo sucks!!!

            1. I don’t mind little text ads, as I’m aware they have to make money somehow, but Yahoo Mail is the worst, because they’re animated …flashing! Hate it!

  7. Wow! I read part of that CBC link just now… So what exactly is wrong with just using the actual plant instead of “simulated” Cannabis?
    Humans have been using Medicinal plants for like, FOREVER! Hmm, and that’s when the Cynic Inside pipes up and says “Duh! No patent, that’s why!”

    “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely…”
    “Money is the root of all evil”.
    I would combine these two in equal parts… ):

    Oh, and btw; I remember a time when these drug commercials were not allowed on Canadian television and being quite horrified by the “speed-talk” disclaimers on those of the American channels.
    Still am…

    1. Deb; you who are from here … how can that be, that most of the time we get the Am. ads but during certain events [sports mainly], we DON’T?! I’m thinking in particular about beautiful Budwiser commercials that we have to go to YouTube to watch?!

      1. Many times, the live feed is being broadcast by an American network, like NBC for instance, and then also used by TSN who then overlay their own commentary and ads…
        As Companies pay MASSIVE amounts of money for advertising on the Superb Owl; ) (I’m assuming here) and Canadian companies want THEIR ads on as much as American companies don’t want to pay for airtime up here – so we see Canadian advertising instead.

  8. Wow and wow. I did not understand anything about WP. I only know that the platform is useless and one of the reasons I stopped blogging very much.

    Drugs…that is my biggest complaint. My Internist knows not to prescribe anything for me without asking if I will take it. I will take the old drugs but not the new ones.

    Statin drugs do more harm than good. According to the New England Journal of Medicine if you take statins you will live 3 days more. I gave my three days to my Internist. I used diet and exercise to lower mine.

    Now it really does not matter. I eat whatever I want.

    I think it was all interesting 🤔

  9. Yes, nothing will happen. I figure they have cures for diabetes and maybe some cancers they are so advanced but the money is just too good to cure anything and people are living longer. We have to be thankful for what saves us to the extent it does. I thought you were going to write about the guy who went up 4,000% on his AIDS drug and was arrested. He did an interview on tv and didn’t seem all that bad but he was really sickening in the congressional hearing.

  10. Update on the Safari warning: I just got the warning using Safari to comment on a self-hosted site using the Minimum Pro Theme on the Genesis Framework.

      1. I have had all kinds of trouble over the years trying to comment on Blogger/ Blogspot posts… Have always just assumed it was balking against Apple’s security

        1. I think Blogger is a whole different story. Many people have trouble there. I comment regularly on two Blogger blogs, but I’m always signed in to my GMail account so I don’t have a problem.

          I know they have various ‘options’ for commenting there, and I’ve even tried the, so called, OpenID … it worked, but I got fed up filling it in.

  11. In Denmark its not allowed to advertise for medicin- prescribed and not-prescribed, thats one thing. But if you go to your doctor you have to be very lucky not to leave with a prescription. I am sorry to say that the medical industry governs here. There is a book written by a Danish medical professor ( manager of the Danish Cochrane institute ) : Dødelig medicin og organiseret kriminalitet ( Peter Gøtzche ) : Deadly medicin and organized criminality. Here he describes how the doctors are manipulated and managed by the medical industry. I read recently a meta- research about SSRI- there was only 10% difference between placebo – and SSRI, until they also counted the results that the medical producers didnt publicise, there is NO difference between placebo and SSRI, but the last has many very serious side-effects. Statines ( for reducing cholesterol in the blood ) have many severe side-effects ( but not mentioned by the doctors )- and more and more people get them, the effect on how long people live is dubious. Anti-psychotic medicin kill the patients in young age. And then there is the Cancer-industry: the cancer-chemo-therapy, where many researchers find that they do more damage than they help ( they kill healthy cells too-and have many delayed side-effects ). The patients live SHORTER and under severe sufferings when in chemo.

    1. Thank you, Annette, for this comment. This was exactly what the movie was all about. Wish you’d get the chance to see it. The more I read and learn, the more thankful I get for our family doctor. I was on TWO medications when I first got here, but he’d rather, if possible, remove some. He’s one of the good guys.

      Statins seem to be very popular to prescribe. And then again … there are so many ways of lower your cholesterol on your own, and get other, healthy side-effects at the same time.

  12. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine also!! The Pharmaceutical companies are out of control; no doubt about it. Now there have been a few times I saw an Ad on TV & gone to ask my Doctor about the med for my condition(s). Of course, I always research everything……
    I am one of those ‘unfortunates’ who takes Acetaminophen 3 times daily (allergic to everything else); 2 Stomach meds & they have to be the ‘real deal’; not the generic meds… And I take Zopiclone for sleep nightly. Again I make sure it is not something generic.
    Oh & the BP med…..I tried 4-5 different ones & went back to the original one prescribed. It works well w/out side effects. At this point I do not want to take any more meds….UGH, this is not what I signed up for, lol…. ;0

      1. I have been unwell since I was 25 yrs old. Between Aspirin & Morphine my stomach ended up a mess; hence the meds needed for it. Coated Tyelenol does not upset stomach. BP is partially due to getting older; stress & lack of mobility so I can not keep weight off or move around the way I should.
        Some days…..
        Oh Sunday I came down with Sinusitis again! I feel awful. Resting a lot. Have to be well by Friday for FCR group raffle ticket selling & adoption event!

        1. Eeek … I’m sorry you have that! And then sinusitis on top of it all! It’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s a reminder of how good I’m feeling … and grateful!

          Take care of yourself as much as possible, hon! ❤

          1. Rebby I forget there are people my age who are ‘normal’ & healthy….
            I am so glad I am not any sicker or in a wheelchair….it is all relative!

              1. Thank you! Some days I am in such severe pain I DO get scared the wheelchair is looming….thankfully Codeine takes away a lot of the pain!! I am not giving up without a fight!

                  1. I agree Rebby! You know I am still fighting!! The trouble is fighting & dealing with severe chronic pain & limited mobility takes so much energy emotionally & physically that some days I just do not do much. I have to rest or else I feel like I will literally ‘shatter’ into a million pieces…it is NOT a pleasant feeling I can tell you!

                    1. I don’t do anything, and I don’t suffer from any ailment at all. It’s shameful, but it’s just such a lack of energy. Don’t know where to get it from …

                    2. I think the lack of energy is the result of a very ‘busy’ past 😉
                      That happens to many of us. It is a good thing you do not have any chronic problems…it would make the fatigue far worse (trust me…)

                    3. Yes, good point. Back in the ‘evil old days’ the mind was always so busy with one thing. But now there’s more time to think and reflect on other things. It’s all good, really …

                    4. I wasn’t just thinking of the mind; I also meant the body! Our pasts required tremendous amounts of physical energy!!! We probably lived twice as much as what our actual age is…
                      My Doctor told me that many years ago. We were forces to be reckoned with…….HAH!
                      I am glad to not be full of energy & always going out. Peace & reflection suit me well…. 😉

        2. Hi Sherri-Ellen, Over Christmas, when my mom came down with sinusitis, she wound up seeing a new doc in Urgent Care who recommended using(inhaling) salt water solution to “deep-clean”… Perfectly natural. Worked immediately to help heal. No prescription necessary. And, as she already had the sea salt at home, didn’t cost her, OR the Health Care System, a thing: )

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