You can’t be picky [34/365]

We went out on a little spin yesterday, looking for eagles. Now … eagles don’t appear «on demand», unless you go to the city landfill. We didn’t feel like that, we wanted a more scenic experience so we took a ferry over to Kingston peninsula.

Didn’t take long before I spotted this guy:


As I was standing there, trying to get a decent shot of him, I heard the characteristic sound of a woodpecker. In fact, there were three of them, up in the tree, and not too scared either.

DSC_8544-minWe drove on, along Milkish Creek, halted at a spot we always stop, where two, extremely friendly dogs always appear! They live nearby, they must recognize us by now. They pick up little branches, come up to you, looking with those eyes … wanting you to throw it. And I do. Every time. Nobody can show happiness like a dog … their entire bodies just radiate  friendliness.

It was a very nice day!

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      1. Hi Deb! I had no idea they were native to Ontario. I have seen them here all my life so just assumed they were part of the ecosystem! Either they are breeding very well or they are being released still, lol. Thanks for the info..
        I just learned something new today 😉

        1. No, sorry Sherri-Ellen, not native to Ontario (originate in Asia) but they’ve been around here – hatched and released by the MNR since it was the Dept. Of Lands & Forests (and I was still just a little kid; )
          Most likely they’ve naturalised by now (although Dad always said that they were the dumbest birds EVER and had to be kept up with hatchlings from the Miinstry; )

    1. Yeah, I guess it’s a Grouse. I’m not good at those names, I would have said Partridge …

      It was a great day .. very nice weather, and now it’s snowing like mad. We’re under a rainfall warning …

        1. Once I’ve seen, what I was told was, a ruffed grouse, not colourful at all.

          Just googled Partridge, and that was quite different 😀

          1. Been doing some digging around and, from what I can gather, what you call the bird totally depends on where you’re from… Around here at least, the names Partridge & Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) appear to be interchangeable (although they’re not strictly a “Partridge” … – and are all from the same family (Phasianidae) as the Pheasant.

  1. Oh lucky you, to see a cock Pheasant up close!! Aren’t they just so incredibly GORGEOUS?! My absolute (2nd) favourite (next to a drake Mallard, of course; )

    1. Pheasant! Of course … that’s what it is! The word totally escaped me!

      The Mallard is a favourite on several levels, but then there’s the Blue Jay … 🙂

      1. Lol, yes Blue Jays. And Cardinals. And Mourning Doves. And Cedar Wax Wings. Oh! And Kestrel…

  2. Any idea if they were Downy (little guys) or Hairy Woodpeckers?
    (Right up there on the cute & friendliness scale with the Nuthatches; )
    And, speaking of cute, look at those hopeful eyes. What a sweetie he/she is! Can also just see the tip of the tail in full swing.
    Happy, happy; joy, joy! You are obviously their Buddy for life: )

    1. No, I don’t know … I’d have to ask in my trusty Flickr Bird-ID group, or find out myself. Haven’t gotten around to it.

      Yeah I love those two dogs. The other one is sort of beige and white. They were running around all the time, so that one was the only picture I got. The facial expression on them, when I put the pin aside — stopped throwing it — and walked back to the car, was heartbreaking …

  3. It’s amazing that you just walk out and have all this wildlife (and a dog) around. All I can get is ducks or swans, when I’m lucky. Also, I’m happy to see another familiar 34/365 post 😉

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