Fickle [33/365]

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Almost all the time, since I got the MacBook, I’ve used an email client called AirMail. Had a few breaks, though, because I always like to check out other, newer ones. Even if I really like something, that doesn’t mean it’s the best … stuff is being invented/improved every day. Somehow, I’ve always ended up back with AirMail, though. It’s a personal choice. I like that I can swipe with the mouse [only the Magic one LOL].

In the AirMail forums, many voices have been raised about an iOS client. Yesterday it was released, and here’s where “fickle” comes in to play.

On my phone, I’ve used the Outlook email client for the longest time, and never thought I’d be able to change. It has received great reviews. But since I like AirMail so much on the computer, I just had to give it a try. It’s great … feels like «coming home» 😊

To be honest, I can’t tell you the particulars of what makes it ‘better‘ — they’re probably pretty equal. In this case, it’s merely that homey feeling.

7 Replies to “Fickle [33/365]”

  1. I will have to look at these. I like the look of the site, you removed the banana colours. Nice and clean looking. Honestly, I do miss the clean white look the site had with the Penscratch theme but it just lacks options. My recently purchased theme is loaded with options in comparison.

    1. You mean the yellow background?! Well, for a while I thought it looked warm and welcoming, but I succumbed to the more anaemic look 🙂

  2. You’ve mentioned it so often, I really MUST have a look at this “AirMail” (when I have a spare second, or two). So, please tell me, would you recommend having a look on the imac first; just to get the “lay of the land”, so to speak, before the iOS version?
    Lol, just noticed your double entendre giggle (a waist of thyme would smell simply wonderful ; )

    1. I love a little pun every now and then 😉

      Don’t know if I’d want to recommend either way. I’m under the impression you use the phone much more so … And by the way; it isn’t free.

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