ephemeral fog [30/365]

This isn’t fog — it’s a phenomenon referred to as «sea smoke».


It’s not totally uncommon here, but I’ve never seen it as pronounced as in this picture. It was last year … a very cold morning, and I just happened to click on the link to one of our webcams. All what you see, looking as smoke or fog, is normally water in the harbour.

gull_webcamThe camera is situated on top of the tallest building in the city, the Bell Building, which in turn sits on top of a hill. It’s fun to check it out in the morning, because you never know in which direction it will be pointed.

Sea smoke occurs when really cold air moves in, and the water is warmer than the air.

Here’s another one, I took, myself, back in 2009.


24 Replies to “ephemeral fog [30/365]”

  1. I find it fascinating. Once, I saw what I later came to believe was probably sea smoke on a chilly early morning in Northern Florida. It was different – much more diffuse, with hundreds of swirly columns of fog stretching as far as I could see. Each column was only a foot or three wide and stretched to the height of probably six to ten feet. It was as if all the drowned sailors in the sea had risen as ghostly wraiths.

    1. Before I started to type up this post, I was searching for another photo I know I have somewhere … where it looks just like you, so poetically, described it. That was a beautiful thought.

    1. Don’t think I’d heard about it either, before I came here. A terrible boat accident happened in the harbour, due to this … 1957.

  2. Hmm, looks kind of like certain days, very early in the morning, at the lake, when the air is cooler than the water. In winter it would be an ice mist instead, I suppose…
    Totally ghostly: a great photo!: )

          1. Totally back & forth here also. Another grey & dreary day here! Did you get the Nor’Easter like predicted? We are supposed to get colder temps & snow starting tomorrow or Wednesday; we shall see…..

            1. It seems to have been held up somewhere, because it was supposed to start 1PM, and it’s almost 5 now. But it’s a long way from Cape Hatteras, I guess LOL

              1. We are getting massive ‘lake effect’ snow since last night (Tuesday) & it looks lovely. But with the Sinusitis I do not want to even go check the mail…. sighs……

                1. Awww … that’s too bad! According to the forecast, we’ve had it with storms for a while. It’s going to get really cold instead. It looks very nice here now!

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