iphonography [29/365]

Just the other day, I wrote here about how I haven’t cared too much about taking photos with the iPhone. I could have added that in these four years I’ve owned it, I’ve taken two or three pictures I really liked, myself.

Yesterday, was one of those days … I had only the phone with me, not the «real camera» 😊, saw some ice formations out by the ferry landing that looked a little interesting so I shot them.

Right away, as I brought up the picture on the little screen, I sensed it would be one of my own favourites. Hope you like it too! [no altering or manipulation here; straight out of the phone]


A few weeks ago, I read about a, so called, blogging event, that I was meaning to take part in. Now I’ve forgotten what it was called and who posted about it. I only remember it was about iPhone photos and Fridays. It is Friday today, so it’s a shame I didn’t jot it down.

20 thoughts on “iphonography [29/365]

    1. It formed like that, probably thanks to the ferry and some wind. This winter; I wouldn’t trust it. Usually they put out fishing shacks on it, and drive their pick-up trucks out there. Yesterday, I read that one shack went through the ice so it’s not so good. Really cold winters, they drive across … like a road.

  1. I really like this. This is one of those scenes I feel like I can just walk into. I could spend my day being an Ice princess or ….. The dark land line on the horizon is perfect. I am glad you decided to use your phone and capture this and share it with us.

    1. Thank you, lindalh 🙂 There’s just a slight little bit of colour, out there on the ice … I think that’s what made me drawn to it.

  2. Lakes in Michigan when cold enough of course, are covered with cars, trucks, snowmobiles and such along with all the shanties filled with cray people freezing to catch fish. Northerners are a different breed.

    1. I would imagine! This is a river, but it’s enough far up for it not to be affected by the tids. Cold winters, this spot would be crowded with those ice shacks …

  3. The photo is wonderful! It’s funny, I know precisely what blogging event/challenge you mean and I wanted to join it too, but then I forgot where I saw it… Oops.

    1. ROFL It’s the information overload! I have absolutely NO clue of who it was. I remember it was spelled in a funny way … iphriday or something like that …

  4. Gorgeous photo. I’m so sorry I missed your post. Usually I’m pretty thorough at checking my reader. So sorry about that but I will link this post to my next iPhriday post and if you post again next week I will just list both of them. 👍🏻

    1. Thank you! As soon as I’d taken it, I thought of this challenge, but couldn’t remember where it was. It was Mara who reminded me right now, in the comments LOL

  5. LOVE it Bekah!
    Looks so B&W, at first glance…
    Then you see slight variations in the ice strata and also on the pier.
    Wonderfully moody: )
    How thick are these layers? Do you have another version with something for scale, by any chance?

    1. Hey Deb … and thanks! Yes, I totally loved how this came out. Not so thick ice this year. Normally there would have been so many ice schacks now! In another place, one shack went through the ice so they can’t put any there at this time.

      No other version … there wasn’t anything there for comparison.

    1. Thank you, hon … I was happy with that one. Like I said; I’ve taken three, four, at the most with the phone, that I’m really pleased with.

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