Brave [28/365]

Today, I just want to share my fellow blogger Joss’s [] post. It’s actually an excerpt from her book about fibromyalgia, but I can relate to the post in another way; the word «brave».

When I first came to Canada, I had a problem with that word … or rather, the usage of it [brave/courageous]. ‘Brave’ to me meant firefighters running into burning buildings, or people jumping into the icy waters to save a fellow human being or an animal. NOT to post a blog on WordPress.

Many years ago now, I told a person I was going to take part in a photo challenge, and she immediately responded: «Oh, you’re really BRAVE!» That had me baffled then, but I’ve since learnt a lot about the usage of the word.

So this morning, when I read Joss’ poem, I got almost mesmerized … it spoke to me, and I want to share it with my blogger friends here. Please, click the link above.

29 Replies to “Brave [28/365]”

      1. Totally.
        – “I left the house before I had my morning coffee”
        – “I vaccum cleaned the house”
        – “I sent a shirt for dry cleaning”

        “Ooh, you’re so brave”.

        1. Exactly. It’s like in Swedish … since I’ve been away, I notice [young people] use the word “grymt” to enhance whatever they’re talking about … ‘det var grymt vackert!’ Also the Sw. word ‘fett’. That’s so foreign to me now …

            1. I’d never be able to use it that way now, without feeling totally stupid. It’s a different story when you ‘grow into it’ gradually.

  1. I disagree about participating in a photo challenge and being brave to do it. If you look up the synonyms for brave the word is used in many different ways and holds different meanings. What may be brave for one may not be brave for another. Many more people than you could believe are afraid of putting themselves out into the world in one form or another. It’s our understanding or misunderstanding of something or someone that affects the words that we use and we should try not to judge something unless we have experienced it ourselves. Bravery of firemen is courageous while the bravery to do something one feels is out of their scope can be resolute or unafraid which are all synonyms.

    1. Thank you for that clarification.As I wrote in the post: It was early on, when I first came here, that I didn’t have the full grasp of the word. I will be less judgemental in the future.

      1. Oh no, I wasn’t saying you were! Languages are so different. No one could possibly know everything. I use the Thesaurus a lot and always made very good grades in American English or however you want to define it. I can understand some languages when used in a sentence but when you add application and slang and dialect it is very difficult.

        1. Yes, I do too [use the thesaurus in Webster’s]. Nowadays, I think I have a pretty good grasp of how ‘brave’ is used. We’re all American heroes when we go to have a root canal only kidding

  2. Many of our English words have variations of meanings.
    For me BRAVE was facing my Brother’s murder’s. BRAVE was standing up for myself when I was being abused as a teenage. BRAE was telling my Mother the truths she denied for years.
    For me being BRAVE is being able to being to be TRUE to myself!!!

          1. I got to the point with my Mother/StepMonster the abuse had to stop or I would have taken my own lif! So whether out of bravery or desperation I stood up to both of them. I was not strong enough emotionally do it before I was 16….I even told them both if ‘HE” tried to hurt me in ANY way again I would go to the Police. And the abuse stopped for me….it moved on to my Sister without my knowing… 😦

              1. I am very very glad you never went thru the crap I went thru’. How I manage to survive amazes me.
                I have been to HELL & it is truly awful…..I pray I never have to go back there again!

                1. It’s different, though … looking at all the crap in hindsight, compared to when you’re in the midst of it all. It’s hard to see how anyone coped, really. Again — we do what has to be done, most of the time!

                  1. For me there is no looking in hindsight! I knew I had to survive as best I could…I lived in fear daily; it became the ‘norm’…also the secrets….
                    The Lying to authorities that nothing was wrong.
                    the fact is in those days no one cared. neighbors knew something bad was happening & did nothing. My Mother ‘gave’ me to her husband…it was grotesque & twisted….something off of “Criminal Minds”!!!! 😦

  3. I carry the scars still Rebby! I got AOT of Counseling over the years. It worked for short periods of time & then I would go thru the rage & fear again. Once I was sober the Counseling worked & I was actually declared SANE & ”Mentally Competent” August of 1995. How I never turned into an evil person is beyond me; I came close during my drinking years. I was not immoral so much as ‘Amoral’. I had little sense of right or wrong; that is why my marriages went bad; it was always me.
    Thankfully I am able to cope now & not be ruled by the past. But there are still ‘flashbacks’ every so often….
    Last week I was getting crackers & Peanut Butter from the cupboard & I actually thought, “I hope my Mother doesn’t hear me…” I of course snapped back to reality & the relief to be in my own place & no one to ‘catch’ me brought me to tears…..yes those scars go VERY deep…….

    1. Yes, we learn how to deal with them [the scars] as best as we can. With regards to the marriages; same here, it was always me. I think, though, I’ve come quite far, in not being ruled by the past. We just talked about it last night. We should just be proud, but the brain says one thing and the heart another.

      1. I think we have both come incredibly far! Done so much to repair ourselves & find our place in the world.
        As complex beings our hearts & heads do not always agree do they??? 😉

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