nearby IKEA [26/365]

an IKEA in Sweden

The other day it was announced; IKEA will open a full sized store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That isn’t exactly ‘nearby’ for us, as I implied in the subject line, but it’s a lot  closer than it used to be. Approximately three hours’ drive to Halifax, so it won’t be a place you decide to visit on a whim. People around the provinces here, had been hoping it would be in Moncton, which is sort of a “hub” for all the Maritime provinces [Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island], but not so.

Before, if I’d been really desperate, for some unimaginable  reason, to go to IKEA, Montreal, Quebec or Plymouth Rock, MA would have been the ‘nearest’ ones … both more than eight hours’ drive, probably more in the case of Montreal.

The other night, on local news, I listened to the IKEA Canada’s boss, announcing it on TV. He’s Swedish, and I’m always inclined to listen more closely to Swedes  speaking English … guess I want to hear how much of an accent they have.

This might sound as if I’m a huge IKEA fan, and this was a long awaited announcement. I’m not! The only things I’d buy if I were to go there, would be food items in their store. Probably a lot of herring, and the, so called, caviar.

ikea_job_interviewOften you see comical cartoons about IKEA, and how to put furniture together. It’s a hassle, alright, but I was thinking the other day … are the other furniture stores any better? Do they go to your home and assemble your newly purchased bookcase? I don’t think they provide that service anymore, but I’d gladly pay for it if they did.

My husband bought a nice desk from Staples, when we’d just moved here. They had a guy who did that, so we got it delivered all put together. That’s seven years ago, and the guy has since retired. I was thinking of a new desk, a while back, only to find out they don’t do it anymore.

Now … we haven’t bought any furniture, needing  assembling, lately, so I’ll leave that open, because I don’t know  — perhaps there are stores that do it. If not, wouldn’t that be a small-business opportunity for someone … ?

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  1. It’s been a couple of years since I was in that part of the store (and at least a year since I’ve even been there at all): but I’m fairly certain that I saw an announcement (just a little sign tacked up on one the racks) about how to get assembly done “in house”.
    Nearest IKEA to here are either Toronto (1 hour, 40 minutes) or Ottawa (3 hours):

  2. The joke is hilarious. And it nails it. Ikea branches in my country offer delivery and assembly service, but it’s extremely expensive. It’s better to pay some relatives or friends who can do it. All my furniture is Ikea, and it took two men two days to assemble it. The bed in particular was a nightmare. Simple things, like chairs, I managed to assemble on my own and a year later, they haven’t fallen apart – yet.

    1. 🙂 There you go … I had no idea, that they even offered that service. Goes to show how much I’ve bought there. I do remember a bookcase I bought, but that was in the mid 70’s. Early 90’s I bought two, small couches, but they didn’t need assembling.

      If they offer it there, they do it everywhere, methinks.

        1. No, I don’t think so … not stuff like that. But then again … I haven’t really checked out IKEA for years! I don’t know anything about what they do 🙂

  3. I’ve heard people here rave about iKea, I’ve never been to one. Las Vegas is getting one, it’s nearly complete, good choice of location right along the 215 freeway. All I know about the company is they sell cheaper furniture, need to go and have a look…

    1. Yeah, they have furniture and a lot of other stuff too. Back in the old days, when they only lived in Sweden … say 60’s and 70’s; the quality wasn’t considered being very good, but that has improved.

      IKEA is popular amongst expat Swedes, because their restaurants serve a lot of Swedish foods, and there’s also food stuff you can buy in the little store.

      They all look the same, no matter where in the world you are — just like Walmart; if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all LOL

  4. I love IKEA. Perfect for the children when they need something new – and now when they move out – perfect for their not so thick wallets. Everything I have bought from IKEA has been worth the money – only one chest of drawers was overloaded with my daughters things…and the bottom of it collapsed.
    I think I go there almost once a year – if not to buy furniture, then to buy flowers or beddings or curtains or – finding inspiration! You get ideas from their “rooms”.
    Good luck!

    1. You’re so right, and I love those ‘starter-kits’ they have for young people on a budget. I haven’t been disappointed either [just once]. I’ve bought more ‘stuff’ than furniture.

  5. When we lived on the south coast of England and it was a two hour drive to Ikea, my wife used to call it the hajira – a made-up word to describe our pilgrimage to the centre of all things 🙂

    1. Yeah, I read a book once called The Haj [Leon Uris] . Where I lived in Sweden, it was just a 30 minutes’ drive to it … People flocked there from all over northern Sweden, as this one was the northernmost at the time.

      1. There’s a picture in my mind of a Swedish Ikea dripping with icicles and crammed with people in the depths of winter 🙂

        There’s an Ikea in Edinburgh – it’s even on a bus route!

  6. Never been to one. I think i would have to order online and pay someone to assemble. Thank goodness I have more than I need and would love to sell my stuff to IKEA 😄

  7. En hel del kökssaker är perfekta när det är dags att flytta hemifrån eller om man vill ha något som är ok att slå sönder. Dessutom älskar jag deras kartonger i alla storlekar (det gör även katterna), så bra att packa i.

    1. Ja, de där “startpaketen” var en bra idé. Jag har köpt rätt mycket sån’t jox där, även en del möbler för länge sedan.

  8. I just put together a rolling cart I got from Amazon. We don’t have IKEA but if you buy from an office supply here they have someone who will put something together for a fee. P and I put together that huge desk with the storage and cabinets up above. I don’t relish taking it apart or ever doing it again. The pieces were very heavy.

    1. Staples here, didn’t seem to have that, last time I asked there. They used to have . But from what I read here in the comments, most places have that service for a fee. Depends on what it is, if I’d try myself.

      1. To get to yours’ will be a day long pilgrimage Rebby!
        The ‘closest’ IKEA is Burlington, Ontario & that is at least a 41/2 hour drive each way!

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