the park [24/365]

rockwood park, saint johnRockwood Park, where I will take pictures for the ‘Changing Seasons’ challenge, is a huge piece of land. Not just any little park in a city. There are lakes, oodles of hiking trails, a golf course … and more. You can go horseback riding there, get a canoe and go paddling … lots of activities going on there.

When I started this postaday project, I was meaning to make if a kind of gratitude blog, and that’s still true, but I’m not going to limit myself to it. However; this park definitely falls in the gratitude category! If you bring the above map up to size, you’ll see its proximity to the city centre! I could walk there, from our building, and it wouldn’t take me more than ten minutes.

DSC_5555 Was going through some older photos last night, and found one of my favourites of Lily Lake — the largest lake in the park. It was shot just before sunset, and to the far left, you can see the pavilion, where the restaurant is located.

The ducks, squirrels, chickadees and deer, you’ve seen already — Blue Jays and marmots too — but last year I made a point of going there later than usual in order to see another friend …

raccoon_rockwoodI adore raccoons, but since we live in an apartment building now, I don’t get to see them at all. Most people consider them a pest, but they are such cute and clever animals. I drove out to the park one evening, hung around where I’d been told they usually show up, and I wasn’t disappointed. He was a little shy, but eventually he decided to pose a little for the camera.

All this was written to give you an idea of the park, as I will post photos, at least, once a month from there.

14 thoughts on “the park [24/365]

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Wow Bekah, you’re incredibly lucky to have such a massive space so very near by! He is such a cute little fella; but did you get a look at those claws??

    1. tassitus Post author

      I know … I am! 🙂 It’s my favourite place here.

      Yes, his little hands have big claws — only admire them in a distance.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I’m pretty sure I already ticked off the “Notify me” box; but I’m tacking this on as a test because I haven’t been receiving my “reply to comments confirmation” emails. (First noticed this last night.).
    I see them here already… Weird eh?

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Yes, you have to confirm that you did indeed ask to receive comments… And there hasn’t been an email for either today or yesterday’s post.

      1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

        Yup, with all three of them here now, and the one yesterday, as well. Something weird going on…

        1. tassitus Post author

          I don’t understand it.

          Did you get those emails before, or is this something new?

          You want the emails, but you don’t get them anymore … is that the problem?

  4. suzink

    Great capture of the coon. I think they are cute but they are lethal with the outside cat. Them and opossums. All your photos of Lily Lake are so pretty. Is the lake always still?

    1. tassitus Post author

      Sometimes the lake has ripples 🙂

      Yes, our neighbour in QC let his cat go outdoors. Constant trips to the vet.

  5. daydreamer2011

    Such a wonderful park it is!! And I love all your photos from there! He’s so cute that racoon!!

    1. tassitus Post author

      Yes, it’s a lovely thing to have, and there is something for everyone 🙂 Raccoons are probably all over the city, but you have to be out rather late, to see them …


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