solving puzzles [20/365]

In the left column of this blog, there’s a calendar. Those, so called, «widgets», look different, depending on which theme/template you’re using.  In some of them, where there is a post that day, the colour of the date changes. In this case here, right now, the number turns blue, because they are links. In my previous theme — which was really nice — it didn’t do anything, they remained black even though they were links. Some of them have background colour too, like so: 20.

Since I have a slight bout with OCD, I changed to this, likewise nice, theme. At the end of this year, I want to see all those numbers blue.

webpage tags

In the olden days I know exactly what I’d done. I would have spent hours and hours figuring it out how to change the code [CSS] in order to obtain that effect. I’ve totally lost the taste for that! I started a little, was at it perhaps fifteen minutes, then I thought «eff this», and applied a different theme instead.

It would seem like such a waste of time, wouldn’t it?! … altering the looks of a little blog like this, that not so many people will see. But it can be enormously gratifying, once you get it right — just like finding a piece when you’re doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Green-Peppercorns-editedWhat I said about ‘having a bout with OCD‘, was jokingly, but don’t we all have those little ideas of how things should be?! Either placing of stuff or looks?! I used to have a spice rack above the kitchen stove, and I put all the spices in alphabetical order. Preferably they had to be of the same brand too, so the bottles looked the same. My bed sheets have to be folded a certain way et cetera. We can smile or laugh at stuff like this, but I’ve seen cases where it has turned into a sickness. I remember a neighbour who almost couldn’t get into the building from his car, because he had to go back so many times and check whether the car was locked. I’m not exaggerating when I say ten, fifteen times … never fully counted, I looked away because it made me feel ill at ease.

All this may seem like drivel to many, and they be right. Most people put their drivel in Facebook, I put mine here.


23 thoughts on “solving puzzles [20/365]

  1. I’m totally OCD too. It’s a huge time waster. And I’ve spent hours and hours fiddling with my blog only to make a change that no one but me would notice. I spent hours only choosing the right font. Like it matters!

    1. Well … it matters to us. I feel good now 😊. Fonts, I’m totally obsessive about. I will eventually change the font for the blog title, as I want it more ‘Roman looking’ … after all Tacitus was a Roman LOL

      1. True, it matters to us. I’d still wish there was less discrepancy between the amount of work something takes and the result which it brings. And I love it that you know precisely what your doing what your Roman Tacitus font 🙂

        1. There are so many in Google Fonts now, and since this is self-hosted, I can choose whatever I want … takes ages. The one I have now will have to do for a while, until I find one …

  2. I have been told I have OCT>>>that is what it is when we are not full blown OCD.
    OCT is Obsessive Compulsive Traits. We probably all have a few traits. I like my cupboards neat & orderly also. I do not like clutter & will give away or donate excess items if I have not used them in 6 months.
    When it comes to being a ‘Cat Mum’ I have loosened up a lot. Siddhartha Henry has ALOT of toys & likes to scatter them about. So I am learning to just enjoy the mess, hahahaha….
    I hear you about the look of our blogs. I have tried to change my theme 3 times but I could not keep all the Widgets or there was something that did not work like the Bouquet them so I went back to it & changed the Font & the background & the Widgets. Everyone loves the ‘new look’ so I am happy!
    By the way, why do you have a photo of Green peppercorns?? I have never heard of GREEN ones before….
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

    1. Yes, traits … that’s what they are, and that would be a more accurate description. We all have a few, I believe.

      Blog themes, I keep going back and forth; sometimes I want them really minimal, but then again I wake up and think they’re too anaemic. I like it right now, with a little colour … don’t know if you read this in email or the full blown blog?!

    2. Oh, and the green pepper; I wanted to put in a picture, to break it up a little, and it was in reference to the alphabetical spices on the rack. Green pepper is really good in brown sauces with steak … almost impossible to find here.

      1. I come over to your blog to read & I like the added color! LOL then again look at the Purrince’s blog! It is a ‘riot’ of color!!!!!
        And I should have known the peppercorn bottle was in reference to the Spices…..silly me….

        1. LOL yes, it’s very colourful … but perhaps our blogs mirror our personalities?! 🙂 Right now, I’m in a period of minimalistic style, but I want splashes of colour too.

          1. Actually I did the blog to reflect Dharth Henry’s personality. He is not a ‘wall flower’ & is a ‘riot’ of energy & motion…yet he is supposed to be ‘Buudhist’ an serene (only when he is asleep!) HAHAHAHA!!!
            I like your minimalist look….it is sort of ‘stripped own’ & has its’ own appeal. Classy in an understated way!

                  1. Cautiously optimistic here Rebby!! An entire week without a clawing of bite!! I hope this continues forever!
                    it is pouring rain at the moment so if Dharth Henry wants to go out when he wakes up he will be getting a bit soggy, lol…. 😉

  3. It’s not drivel at all. I have a touch of it, like you say about certain things but you would probably have a panic attack in my house. lol It’s all about degrees. To what degree you have something. Like hoarding. I was taught to save everything but I do throw away. My mom had things from the early 40’s and we have letters of relatives from the civil war so sometimes it’s a good thing. I lost my taste for html too. I guess it’s not our thing. I have to spend too long on it.

    1. In 1984 I was cured from the slightest little tendency towards hoarding I may have had [it was a move]. I don’t hoard, but there are other people in this household who are drawn to it 😀

      Those letters must have been fun to find, though, and even have some historical value.

      I used to just LOVE to sink my teeth into some HTML/CSS issue, and now it feels as if I just can’t be bothered with it!

      1. LOL, P has a problem too. He just decided to give up some jeans from the 70’s. I’m sure the letters probably do and thought I might check into if any museums would like them when I am gone.

        1. LOL @ the jeans! I still have a pair, I’d just bought before I moved. Hence, they’re twelve years old now. Have a hard time imagining me ever getting into them again … but they’re not ready to go just yet 🙂

          1. I know and have kept a couple from when I was sick and lost a lot of weight but got rid of most of my really old stuff unless I keep something that fits to paint or knock around in.

            1. I hardly brought any clothes when I moved here … so I keep those jeans for another while. You never can tell … one day I might slip right back into them again LOL

  4. It’s no drivel at all!!

    Son has OCD for sure… And it has got worse again about washing his hands…. he get insecure if he did it well so he starts all over again… sigh.

    I have to watch him and tell him when it is enough. He says he don’t trust himself that he is doing it right. He was like this years ago but then he could get over it, so hopefully this is another phase. I will of course keep on boosting his self confidence!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry he got it bad that way … Does he stop when you tell him to? At least it’s ‘only’ his hands. Could be whole body wash. Hope it’s just a phase he’s going through …

      1. Yes he does stop when I tell him to!

        And so true! Glad it is “only” his hands!

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