the snow levels [19/365]

The snow levels are still comfortable, compared to last year’s. But then we got 50 centimetres (20″) in one day, and it didn’t start until late January. The risk [or chance? 🙂 ] of another record breaking winter is still there. I don’t care which, since I’m in the fortunate situation I can do or don’t do whatever I want. No shovelling, nothing pressing to get out and slide around in it.

We did go out today, ran some errands. The wind was biting, through skin and bones … ‘nippy’ would be to mild a word.

IMG_2257-minI took this, while I was waiting for my husband, who was having a haircut, to give you an idea of the snow and our surroundings. It’s Lansdowne Ave. I’m standing with the back towards our building, which is way up high. It’s nice to walk down to the grocery store — the green sign you see to the right of Subway — but to walk home from there, with grocery bags, really gives you a good workout. It’s very steep uphill.

To the left, outside the picture, is a small strip mall, with a drugstore, amongst others. So it’s a good location, where everything is handy. This is called the North End of Saint John. If I were to walk in the opposite direction, I’d be downtown in ten minutes. Couldn’t think of a better location to live in this little city.

forthowe_buildingHere’s an older picture, where you can see part of our building looming large …  [all pictures are clickable]


18 Replies to “the snow levels [19/365]”

  1. It looks a nice place, very neat. But for the hill. I’m happy to live in a completely flat region. And I totally get the cold and the biting wind. I’ve been out to run some errands too today and I nearly froze to death. Seriously.

    1. Yeah, I agree totally about the hill. The only thing it’s good for is a great view! The people living on the other side of the corridor here, have an unbelievable view of the harbour and the sea … the city too.

      Think the wind is worse this morning … eek.

      1. No need to be upset about your view. I have a view of a hospital and the mortuary. But I do have a nice view of the landscape too, I live on the top floor. One flat I inspected but didn’t get to rent was situated in front of a local prison. I would have perversely loved it…

        1. Yes, prison could have been fun 🙂 We have a very wide view, so we see a huge chunk of the neighbourhood … always ambulances or firetrucks going, especially at night.

          1. I have plenty of ambulances, I live next to a hospital, but no firetrucks. Lots of police patrols instead. You can see them coming from a great distance because they go max. 5km/ph.

            1. I have the impression that ambulances don’t drive as fast here, as they do back home. Not sure about this, though. The police drive like crazy when they have the flashing, blue light …

  2. I love your area. Mall across the road & a 10 minute walk to downtown…perfect!
    I wonder if you will get snow when the weekend Nor’easter blows thru’ this weekend More will be revealed.

  3. That’s a nice view up hill toward your building. It must be so nice to live close to everything. I like the quiet here but would so like for things to be more handy.

    1. Going to be the same thing here today! I just look at the temperature now, this morning, and it’s already 0 and a southerly wind. Ugh …

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