big box stores [17/365]

When I first came to Canada, Costco, and the likes of it, was new to me. Back home, there are wholesale stores, but you have to be a business owner to shop there. If you happen to know a business owner, you can go with them and shop on their card, because it’s a lot cheaper.

Anyway, here we have one Costco that opened a few years ago. You have to be a member to shop there. No matter what time or day you go there, the car park is packed with cars. Before it opened, I had my doubts whether it would fly here, but boy, was I ever wrong.

We go there for certain items. Being only two people and a cat in the family, living in an apartment, there’s only so much you can buy. The packages are huge! When you’re a big family, live in a house with storage space, big freezer, you can probably save money by shopping there … at least enough to cover the membership fee.

All over the store are little ‘kiosks’ with food sampling — you can taste stuff. The opinions about this vary, but I basically think it’s good, as I get to taste food or bakery, that I’d never have dreamt of trying out otherwise. Once in Quebec City, there was a certain kind of cheesecake I [unfortunately] got totally hooked on! They carried it here too, in the beginning, but now they don’t have it any longer, which is just as well. I always came out with one of those huge cakes, even though I’d decided not to buy any.

We buy mainly things like washroom tissue, cans, spaghetti … stuff like that. They have pretty much anything, so also printer ink and paper, my husband’s computer and my camera … they’re also from there. The other day, I bought cod there. It was a big package, of course, enough for at least  four portions. I split it up and made two different fish dishes, and as I was doing just that, this picture came to mind 🙂


14 thoughts on “big box stores [17/365]

    1. tassitus Post author

      It sure is — and if it isn’t bigger, it’s double or triple. Today I saw a pack of Dawn … 3 bottles together. 🙂

  1. Mara Eastern

    We have them here too! They’re called Macro – which quite well reflects that you can get there anything but everything in huge packages only. It’s fun to see how the same things exist in different parts of the world, in slightly different versions.

    1. tassitus Post author

      Macro! Aptly named then 🙂

      One thing about them, though … if you see something you really like, and consider buying; do it at once. Next time it will be gone and never show up again!

                1. tassitus Post author

                  These ones have a slight taste of cheese. They only sell them in the ‘health aisle’ … where they have all that organic stuff or whatever. They’re addictive … physically 😀

  2. suzink

    We don’t have them but have Sam’s which is a Walmart business. I quit going there because everything is so tempting in bulk. We have a business card because we buy things like turkey and ham there for our people at work and snacks for the office. Funny picture!

    1. tassitus Post author

      Yes, I see many small business-owners buying stuff like that in bulk. Mustard, ketchup too and things like that.

      Yeah, I like that picture — just what it’s like there 🙂


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