a long time ago [16/365]

angel_tombstoneWhen you say ‘a long time ago’ with regards to the Internet, it doesn’t necessarily mean all that many years! In my first ‘blogosphere’ in Yahoo … the little community I belonged to there, one of my buddies — one whom I’ve actually met in real life — had this little weekly, photo challenge, just like WordPress have here. One week it was «angels», I remember that one in particular, as I, for once, was rather pleased with my own photo. There are lots of angels on the cemeteries here, so that was my first thought when I read the challenge.

this tree could have stood there for a long time
this tree could have stood there for a long time

This morning, I saw Mara’s post, and was once again reminded of how many great photo options there are on cemeteries. We have several here, in the city … Catholic, Anglican, Jewish … you name it. Some are beautiful and others have rather unfortunate locations between two, busy highways. Perhaps it’s rather the highways that are unfortunate.

holy_cross One of the most beautifully located ones, is the Catholic Holy Cross, with the grand view of the ocean.

7 Replies to “a long time ago [16/365]”

    1. Yeah, and when you’re at home it gets more interesting too … reading all the names, many people I used to know. Here I don’t know anyone, but it’s still nice.

  1. I love cemeteries! There are some really old and unique headstones and fencing in Colorado. That one is beautiful!

    1. One that really sticks out in my memory is the one in Maine, I went around and looked at … because it was Swedish. All the names and inscriptions … made me think of all what they had to endure before they even got there — compared to myself 🙂

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