Mid January [14/365]

IMG_2252-minThis is how nice it looks right now. During the sweltering hot and humid summer nights, we often say «Think about the 15th of January …!» Usually we have some bad nor’easter at that time. We did have a snowstorm a day ago, but that wasn’t bad at all. Well, all the people who lost power might disagree, of course.

The building in the picture is Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club. The name of the river is spelled Kennebecasis, but they prefer to write it with two c:s


7 Replies to “Mid January [14/365]”

    1. It’s the nicest type of snow … like powder! Just flies off the car when you brush it off, no scraping 🙂

    1. Not in the city … that’s rare, but the outlying areas. Tree branches get weighed down by the snow, so they touch the power lines, or trees fall down on them … from what I understand.

  1. Beautiful picture. The winter arrived here about a week ago, its biting cold, and with some snow- today with sunshine- its very nice to look at, but slippery to walk in.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I was just sitting here, thinking about how beautiful weather it always seems to be the day after a storm. We had one yesterday, and today it’s absolutely brilliant. -2ºC right now …

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