gracefully bowing out

Promises can be broken. I promised [myself] to blog every day for one year. The second thoughts, I had the other day, are still lingering, plus the nagging feeling, deep down, I won’t make it.

This morning I checked out what other people are doing … the ones who have decided to post every day. You can do that by following this link: There you can see what every WordPress user have posted, tagged ‘postaday’.

unrelated mallard

Poetry and photo seem to be the dominating subjects. I’ve tried to do a photo a day, twice. Both times I got to about 170. I have them stored away in a different account, I just looked at them. Doesn’t make for much blogging interaction, just posting a picture without saying anything.

So today I’m proud to announce that this post concludes the «postaday project» before it gets too annoying for my subscribers. From now on, I’ll post when I feel like it — whenever that might be …


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  1. Some promises are not meant to be kept Rebby! I would to do a post a day in theory but in reality it will not happen. Blogging is supposed to be effortless & fun; not a chore. So you do what you feel comfortable with.
    I love your Mallard ‘bowing out’….the photo is perfect for this post!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Snowing there yet?? 😉

    1. Oh boy, is it ever [snowing]! We got 10, 15 centimetres overnight, and it’s still on. Looks nice, though.

      Postaday was a whole different thing when we did it in 2011, and that will be a nice memory to have.

      Yes, both me and the mallard bowing out …

      1. I am sure you will get more! We have approx. 3 feet hre…it is a Winter Wonderland! Now I feel better…..weird girl that I am!!!!!
        It was different in 2011 wit Post A Day…I tried to read yours daily but could not keep up……lol…
        At least you & the Mallard can bow out together….. 😉

        1. It’s afternoon, and it still hasn’t given up. Very windy, so there’s a lot of blowing snow. Terrible for traffic.

          I’ve found a nice balance now — I don’t follow many, so even if they were to post every day, I’d be fine with it. In the beginning, when I followed close to a hundred, it wouldn’t have been doable.

          1. In one of your posts, you, me and some other blogger, were talking about blogs we followed, deleting followers and such things. After that I deleted some of the blogs on the list of blogs that I follow, so it went from around 650 down to 400. 😀
            Still a very high number of blogs to follow, but not all of them post regularly and I’ll probably end up deleting a few more…

            It’s good that you’ll follow your heart instead of just posting because you “feel like you have to”. Personally I’ll be posting every day for the next couple of weeks, because I’m cleaning up some folders with photos and decided to post them before I delete the folders. Not because of space issues on the hard disk, but to clean up some mess really.

            1. Very interesting. I don’t know that I really follow my heart! I did what I thought people wanted. I always aim to please.

              I myself don’t have a problem with whether people post once a day or ten times a day … I don’t give a fuck. Nobody forces me to read the damned stuff anyway.

          2. 100??? how did you keep up?? I was at 45 & went insane. So I cut it back to 36 & it crept back up to 40 & I can’t keep up with them. If I ‘unfollow’ I fear I will upset people…..loyal followers. I do not want to give up Nylablue’s readers who have stayed on with Purrince Dharth…we picked up 10-12 new followers…well mor but I have not been able to visit their blogs so have lost followers…..
            Daily blogs drive me mental also. I have a balance of one news blo post a week & the Sunday Selfies blog. That works best for me.
            Weather here is cloudy & 5 C so melting….flooding in some apartments here….no drain pipes. New roof men were on ladders chipping ice buildup off the upper drain spouts….what a mess!

            1. Well … like I’ve said before; we all work differently, and those 100 weren’t all that active — not many new posts in my Reader. I never use email for this stuff, that would drive me nuts.

              1. Many of the animal bloggers blog daily; sometimes TWICE a day! I just can’t keep up!
                I use my email for the blogs & comments. FB has a separate email addy or I’d be completey insane from overload Rebby! I guess I just have to let a few blogs go…..there is no other solution….sighs

    1. Yes, it’s a good jump start! That’s how I got into all this back in 2011. But then, it was started by WordPress themselves … this postaday2011, as it was called then.

  2. I loathe daily blogs! Damn nuisance keeping up with them. Although I donrequire interesting bloggers to post every two or three days 🙂 There’s no pleasing people like me.

  3. I mentioned a few days ago that this is your website, do with it as you please. This is why I won’t commit to these challenges as life happens. Plans change. Good for you! Am in Chicago now eating lunch. 4 degrees outside. Sucks.

    1. One can’t please everyone … ever, and that wasn’t my aim either. Even if I’d said I’d post once a week, and written 1000+ words, they they’d have thought they were too long or something.

      Anyway, no more commitments for me 🙂

      You had to go to O’Hare to go to VA?

  4. I’d make a crying smiling here if I could remember how to… I still think it’s a great idea that you started here, and I’m happy I joined you in the challenge – I’ll see how long I’ll keep it up. Of course, there’s no point in forcing yourself into something that no more brings pleasure.

    1. I had a lot of mixed feelings. Had to remind myself, several times, of the fact I’m certainly not here to please everyone. Anyone must understand that if they get so bugged by blog posts they should feel very free to unsubscribe or just let them go by. It was an interesting experiment …

      1. It is an interesting experiment. I joined on impulse, and while it is a bit of a stress to think of taking a photo a day for my 365 photo project plus posting something I didn’t hate that day, it’s good to be “mindful” (I hate the word) of the little things in life that are not entirely unpleasant.

        1. I’m fed up with that word too. Taking a picture every day; I just couldn’t do it anymore — it’s all over. This thing, though, was fun for me … I don’t have that busy lifestyle.

          1. I don’t have a very busy lifestyle either, so my photo project 365 is very boring – I have already documented very much each object in my household 😀

            1. Photo365 is the one thing I’ve truly let go. Guess I learned something from my two attempts at it. 170 seemed to be the magical number for me — it was about the same both times I gave up 🙂

              But yes, in the commercials on TV, they always talk about «your busy lifestyle», and I keep thinking I’m not busy at all … it’s very nice, I can do whatever I feel like. Perhaps not blog, though … not too often ROFL

              1. Oh well, you’ve almost completed the 365 project when you took 170 pictures twice 😉 Fortunately, I don’t have a TV, so I didn’t know I was supposed to have a busy lifestyle. 😉

                1. Yes, but over two years time 😀

                  That’s a good thing … not to have a TV. We have hundreds of channels, and quite often we find ourselves saying «there’s NOTHING on TV!!!» LOL

                  1. Of course there’s nothing on TV. That’s why I don’t have it. I still pay the TV fees though – apparently in this country, once the household has electricity, it is assumed it has a TV…

                    1. In Sweden, a couple of years ago, here was a suggestion that people should pay TV fees because they had Internet [since they could watch TV on the computer]. There was almost a ‘riot’, so that didn’t happen. They used to make spot-checks … came knocking on peoples’ doors to see whether they had TV …

                    2. Phew. I wish we had more riots here. I do think it’s silly to pay for a TV which I don’t have. I don’t think it’s fair to presume that I watch TV online – nothing much interesting is available online and I honestly don’t watch it. Anyway. I’d rather welcome spot checks to show people that I have no TV because I spend my evenings staring at my cat 😀

                    3. Well … I exaggerated. They weren’t exactly riots. — merely online petitions. Nobody was throwing rotten vegetables at them either.

                      Yesterday, I found a list of what shows had been cancelled or renewed. They were 92, and I went through the whole list … I knew TWO, maybe three, one that I wasn’t sure.

                      Staring at the cat can really mess with your mind, if you start wondering why he or she does ‘that’ 😀

                    4. Ha. Vegetables are too expensive these days, no wonder no one threw it. I could throw cat litter. Anyone, staring at my cat does mess up with my mind. I always wonder what she makes out of my staring at her and out of her staring at me. Particularly when she accompanies me to the bathroom to watch.

  5. Good for you Rebekah….. just blog when you have something to say, it’s more meaningful to both you and to your subscribers.
    I couldn’t keep up with posting every single day; life changes all the time so I’d rather not commit myself to it.

  6. Great picture, bowing for the Queen? It is important to have self-awareness, and be brave to follow it, its always a struggle against the thought about what you think you have to do ( to please ). It provides much more peace of mind when you follow your heart (or whatever one follows someone says the tummy) and then – what you write (draw, play etc) will be authentic and vibrant

    1. In this case it really went astray. I wanted to do it and I enjoyed it, but had that feeling all the time that people didn’t like it. So I quit — I’ll probably quit the whole thing, and crawl in underneath some rock.

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