gracefully bowing out [13/365]

Promises can be broken. I promised [myself] to blog every day for one year. The second thoughts, I had the other day, are still lingering, plus the nagging feeling, deep down, I won’t make it.

This morning I checked out what other people are doing … the ones who have decided to post every day. You can do that by following this link: There you can see what every WordPress user have posted, tagged ‘postaday’.

unrelated mallard

Poetry and photo seem to be the dominating subjects. I’ve tried to do a photo a day, twice. Both times I got to about 170. I have them stored away in a different account, I just looked at them. Doesn’t make for much blogging interaction, just posting a picture without saying anything.

So today I’m proud to announce that this post concludes the «postaday project» before it gets embarrassing. From now on, I’ll post when I feel like it — back to normal.

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