if I could turn back time

I’ve forbidden myself to even think about going down that path. Once I read a quote that made total sense to me, and it’s tucked away, safely, in my quotes folder:

Each moment you dwell on the past is a moment stolen from your future…

Instead, I went back one year in my blog, only to find that nothings’s changed — I haven’t become a creative person 🙂


I was happy with how the post came out — I remember writing it straight from the heart, no pausing or editing, but I haven’t managed to force myself to become creative.

A song popped up in my mind, when I thought of this title [If I could turn back time], but my memory played a trick on me; I thought it was Annie Lennox. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of her — she gives me the impression she’s made of cold, hard ice.

However, it’s Cher who made that song … I like Cher.


43 Replies to “if I could turn back time”

  1. Hmm, maybe they both did it, at some point?
    ‘Cause, as soon as I read your title today, that song started tracking in my head and I too heard Annie (until you mentioned Cher, and then the voice changed; )
    And that is definitely a quote to remember; so thanks!!

  2. I think you are so hard on yourself about creativity my frind! I enjoy ALL your posts.
    Like you I think about ‘turning back time’…..so many situations I would like to change from my perspective NOW, but if we had a ‘do over’ would we be able to make those changes or were the situations of the past part of a path that could not be changed? After all this ‘turning back time’ is an exercise in ‘Hindsight is 20/20’ isn’t it? if I knew then what I know now…….
    So I look on my past as my ‘personal history’. There are some regrets about hurting good people & not being able to undo the situations of my unborn children. However, these things no longer rule me. I have learned to accept all that happened to me; good, bad & ugly so that I would not go insane.
    Today & each day I am grateful to wake up…PERIOD! Grateful to not be enslaved by the past & my coping mechanisms of the past!!
    Maybe all the personal history has made me a very grateful person……certainly it has made me the woman I am today & I REALLY respect, like & love that funny, chubby, crooked smiled woman I see in the mirror every morning….
    As for Annie Lennox I ADORE her….that hard edge was something I always wanted….& some of her height & singing ability!!!!! LOL 😉
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. I know, of course, what parts of my life I would like to give a do-over … but then again, I wouldn’t know where I’d be today. All the decisions we make, insignificant as they may seem, have shaped our lives … turned us into the people we are today. It sure has made me a very grateful person.

      About Annie Lennox: I never wanted to be that hard LOL

    1. I know pretty much where I would start, but then … I wouldn’t know where it would take me. A total waste of energy, that’s what it is 🙂

  3. I had a thought while in the shower this morning Rebby! Our lives are like a Rubick’s Cube……it is a matter of lining up the colors…so we twist & turn & make decisions…..Are our lives pre-destined or can we actually change the course of our lives???
    I KNOW if I had not hooked up with Hubby #2 I’d not met #3 & would probably not have gone into Rehab & then volunteered tere & then worked there…which led to hubby #4 my soul mate….
    I guess #2 & #3 were ‘casualties of my life?

    1. That’s DEEP! 🙂 The question of free will … you made a decision to hook up with Hubby #2, and then by the chain of events everything fell into place … colours lined up. I don’t believe they were casualties. One could get much deeper into this thing about free will. One day it will all be revealed to us 😉

      1. That is the only thing that makes sense to me Rebby! Hubby #2 was a sweet & kind man & I loved him (but wasn’t ‘in love with him). I ran off with Hubby #3 for no real reason other than I was not in my right mind…..After 3 1/2 years of dysfunction I left for the last time. And then when I least expected it; Paul was there……my soul mate….so maybe this was the only way I would connect with Paul & the Universe did what was necessary to bring him & I together.
        Oh yes the topic of freewill is immense! 😉

        1. Yes. I think we have to go through certain things for others to happen. Everything teaches us something … not much comfort when it happens, but in hindsight, the chain of events might make sense 🙂

          1. I think you are correct.
            Something along this thread of thought I wanted to share with you. I have held on to my wedding band from 1st marriage for all these years, as a reminder of how I screwed up my Life. I have been wearing the ring on pinkin finger for months now & it fitted well. Last week I had an epiphany that my 1st hubby was no angel & he was just as responsible for our marriage failing as I was & he ‘film’ fell away from my eyes so to speak. Guess what? the simple silver wedding band has vanished. It is just gone! I am VERY carful with my rings & have a place to put them when I shower….
            It is like the Universe is saying, “Finally! You ‘let go’!” And I am not even freaking out about the missing ring….

            1. There you go!!! That’s almost cool … in fact; it IS 🙂 I got news this morning that a former boyfriend [not husband] had died … 71.

  4. Creativity is many things, writing, creating a site, taking beautiful photos. After my opinion you are creative-and maybe too self-critical. Turning back time? I could philosophy about it. Everything that happened was for a reason, even that I couldnt see it. But I wouldt like to do it all over again-thank you (smile).

  5. I suppose God set life up so that we can’t turn time back, that kind of thing belongs to Him. Cher has very few songs I like, the time theme had me think of and old Fleetwood Mad song, or is it solo Christine McVee? I am confused.

  6. Reading your post on creativity reminded me of all the times I think if I just tried, or took lessons, or practiced a lot, I could learn to draw. Nope. Not going to happen and yet I still buy paper and pencils. I am not an artist no matter how much I might want yo be. And that is ok, most of the time.
    I blog, modtly, for the community of it. The saying “hi, it is good to hear from you and see what you are up to”. Like meeting a friend for coffee. And that is ok too.

    1. It’s all good.

      I’ve done the same thing — taken all kinds of courses, hoping to find one thing that I’m really good at. Still haven’t. I think I set the bar too high all the time, and can’t just let myself go.

      I don’t care now, I’m happy with this … just like you say; meeting friends for a cuppa and a chat.

    2. Luckily, art comes in many forms and we (all of us) like different things for different reasons…
      You (BOTH of you) already do amazing things with your paper and pencils (& cameras; )

  7. You are funny a and crazy all at the same time and don’t ever say you aren’t creative. You are very creative. I could never do the orbs that you do or capture wildlife the way you do. You are very good at drawing. Silly woman:D

    1. LOL I was worried for a while there, that this post might come across as if I was seeking some kind of pity. I’m not. I hate that. My problem is I set the bar too high, as I just said to Joss. But that period with Photoshop and all the orbs; that was special — must have been my one, creative, period in my life, and it lasted three years. I didn’t do anything else in the evenings , but that and I loved it.

      1. No you didn’t come off that way but you are very talented in my opinion and you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else. Perfectionism is a problem a lot of us have.

        1. Good, I don’t want to look like I’m seeking sympathy or pity. Somewhere, long time ago, I read some kind of quote; «Comparison takes the joy out of insert any word here

  8. I clicked on the link and it was nothing there 😦

    Well I do think you are creative in your own way! Taking great photos is one kind of creativity! And doing digital images is also creativity my friend! 🙂

    I love that song with Cher!! I agree, Annie feels a bit cold but nevertheless I do like some of her songs! Not all though…. I like more of Cher’s songs 😉

    1. I’ll fix the link … dunno what went wrong there. Yeah — digital art, right! That is the one thing I wish I could get back to. But it just isn’t there anymore … bleh.

      I like the guy there, in Eurythmics … Dave Stewart, especially when he did that song with Candy Dulfer; Lily was Here.

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